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9-26-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

9-26-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is such a pleasant experience to be with you once again on this call, to feel your hearts coming together and for us to have the opportunity to play with these high vibrations of energy that are coming into your planet and to focus them on getting your Beloved Planet back into the 5th Dimension. 

And what is the main deterrent to this? Well, if you could think of what is the opposite of you being the Love and the Light that you really are and that is fear and hopelessness. Because when you’re stuck in those two things, then you’re not going to be able to take steps. You’re not even going to be able to feel inside of your body within the four bodies of your being to pull it together to even bring in thoughts that are going to help you to take steps to create a reality that feels good.

So, the trick is to remember to keep on breathing. And when you feel yourself get stuck, get stuck in low vibrations, when you start to have thoughts that don’t feel good, we advise you just to take a little time out and breathe into your Heart Center, maybe closing your eyes and calling us in, the Mentors, your I AM Presence, or your guidance team, so you can get back in the groove again. Because really, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, this is, you know, your main Mission at the time, but it is also mine. Because I’m a part of this. I’m not separate from what you’re going through at all. 

This is a part of my Mission to help you all get to that place of Ascension. Well, we’ve been working on this with you for a really long time. And when I was on your planet in Ancient Egypt, and I’m talking about way long ago, what you would call like 8000 to 11000 BC, I was basically laying the groundwork for you to enable yourselves to get back into the 5th Dimension. But putting all of these different pieces together to show you what needed to be done to raise the level of your vibration -- Because, yes, by that time you had already had your DNA mutated. 

But there was really never any reason for you to feel separated from Creator Source or to be in mortal fear. It was just a matter of having the courage to be in your heart and to allow yourself to be who you really are. And yes, it does take courage. It takes commitment. And we see that in all of you in such a wonderful way and fashion. And you have all been on this Mission basically your whole lives. And some of you have awoken into realizing what your individual purpose and Soul Contracts are within the context of healing yourself and ascending. 

So, let us join together. I’m bi-locating my paw to you and with your other hand, please hold onto somebody else’s hand so we can form a circle here. And breathing into the Heart Center and sending this energy around the circle here from the left hand and feeling it coming into your right hand, into your heart and allowing ourselves to be in the flow of this Divine Energy. And with the Power of our Thoughts, jettisoning ourselves off the surface of your planet, up into the atmospheres, the different layers, the layers of the ships and up to my ship, the Nibiru. 

And approaching the underbelly here and opening it up, because it turns into a landing deck. And us going right on up, hovering in the airlock while this landing deck closes beneath us. And now safely touching down and walking on back to the elevator, as we have so many times in the past. And going through the doors of one of the elevators and all of us getting in there at the same time, not breaking our circle. And pushing the button and jetting right on up to the top floor. And now opening the doors and passing on through.

And yes, the celebration has already started. And we can feel the energies of all of the Mentors, of other Archangels and Angels and Beloved Beings from the ships and all different Ascended Masters. And you can feel the energy of your guidance teams, your I Am Presence and your ancestors, some of which may be you in an earlier incarnation. And you may feel a whisper or a tickle or a touch to remind you that you are one with them and they have not forgotten about you in the least. And now forming our circle around the altar in the middle of the room and around us another circle forms, and this is the Mentors. And other circles around them of the different beings in the room.

And now again breathing into the Heart Center, the same way from the left to the right here, through our hearts, to our hands and spreading it out to the outer circles and all through the room from the floor to the ceiling, up, down, around and through, so we’re encompassing every part of this Beloved Atmosphere in the room. And tapping into all of the high vibrations, the higher dimensions that are represented here from the crystals, from the consciousness of all of the Beloved Beings in this room. And allowing ourselves to truly feel the Peace, the Joy, the Harmony within just by breathing into the Heart Center and letting go and feeling our energy intermingle with everyone else’s.

‘Cause truly, we are all One, and we are all on the same Mission of liberation for your planet. Because as you know, it’s not just affecting your planet. It will affect the whole of Creation. And it already has because you have risen up so high in vibration and that the Love and the Light on your planet are becoming more dominate each and every minute that it’s affecting the whole of Creation. Because we know that this story is leading up to your Ascension. And that will definitely affect the whole of Creation. And it has been such a long time in the making. And it will have such a positive effect on so many planets that are also experiencing a 3rd Dimensional duality – well, not quite like yours. That’s for sure because you’ve been working on a real doozy for all of these years, we would say. 

And now just breathing in through our Beloved Master Crystal here on the altar and setting our Intentions, personal Intentions, if you will. Because maybe there’s something going on in your family that you would like to heal.  Maybe there’s a challenge that you’re going through you would like to heal.  Or just bring in more energy and feel more Joy in your life right now. 

And yes, right at the core essence of our being, we are Light and Love.  And let’s tune ourselves into the Light and the Love of everyone in this Beloved Room. And with our breathing feel the oneness, the Oneness of all of the higher dimensions of reality. And as we always say, the higher you go, the more you feel that Oneness, that interconnectedness with All of Creation. And it is such a marvelous feeling! 

And now shining our LoveLight altogether, all of us in this Crystal Room right into our master crystal and shooting it out with the Golden White Light of this Christ Consciousness Energy, up through the opening in the ceiling of the ship and shining it right down, cascading it right down onto your bluish orb and spiraling it down onto the orb, up, down around and through, affecting every subatomic particle on your planet, shining it into the essence of all of the kingdoms, into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet. And yes, some may be extraterrestrial, you would say, or hybrids. 

And continuing to do this to raise the level of the vibration with the Intention of everyone feeling Peace, Joy, Harmony, Wisdom and Compassion. Also with the Intention of exhibiting that Oneness with our thoughts, words and actions. Because, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, this is really what Peace is all about. It is a caring and a sharing of the highest of vibrations with one another in that realization that we are all One. And that we’re supported by the Universe and there is no need to compete, to have more than anyone else. We’re all taken care of. And that’s what we’re working toward on your planet with the Announcement of NESARA and feeling that Cosmic Blast to firmly anchor us up in the 5th Dimension once again. 

And now we’d like to set the Intention for the eradication of what the underpinning of all of the negative programming, all of the mind control on your planet, all of the survival, umm, game that has been perpetrated upon you. And that is the eradication of fear and all of these low vibrations.  And once again spiraling this Golden White LoveLight up, down and around and through your Beloved Planet. And seeing and feeling the wholeness, the fullness of Divine Love inhabit every space, every atom there. And raising the level of consciousness to that place of Unconditional, Universal Love and Oneness between the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet. 

And now shining this LoveLight, bringing it on over to North America here.  And going down into the tunnels, into the secret bases because these power struggles, believe you me, are still going on. And the slaves aren’t free yet. And until that happens, until all of the dark players are taken off the stage, we won’t have the Peace that we need to fully anchor in NESARA. 

So starting from the atmosphere and going down onto the surface and into the underground bases and spiraling this energy up, down and around and through in all of the secret honeycomb chambers where all of these secret apparatus, riches, advanced technologies, places of Satan worship, spas where these ritual sacrifices take place. And shining the LoveLight into them for instantaneous healing, for transparency, for rooting out all of the darkness, all of the lies and deceptions, the secrets, the dark secrets that they’ve been able to hold over us and to make us play their game of survival that has caused separation and fear and all of these lower vibrations to pretty much control our reality the way that they’ve been able to control the money supply.

And now, let’s shine it in a horizontal fashion, starting from – oh, you pick a point on the compass here -- the North, South, East and West. And just shining it in a spiral going underground into the tunnels and up, down, around and through. Going into all of these tunnels and chambers and shining the LoveLight at its highest frequencies and feeling that Divine Oneness and Compassion.
Because no, we’re not judging any of these dark players. We know it’s all One. They’ve played their parts, but now it’s time for a transition here and the Alliance has been doing their best to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible. 

And now shining the LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings who have given permission to play out their lives and to make Soul Contracts with allowing themselves to be put in this place, this condition of slavery, because they are not forgotten. Their sacrifice, their experience has taught us such deep meanings of Love, of Bravery, of Courage, of Commitment to the One. And we say to you that, “Your time of liberation, your time of Ascension is right upon you.”

And to all of the Beloved Spirits that have been too traumatized to lift themselves up and to go over to the other side, we say that, “It’s alright and we, The Mentors, will assist you. And you will be very surprised at the Love and Joy that you feel, because you are to be celebrated when you reach the other side. And you will be very surprised what it feels like. 

And so, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we thank you so much for your assistance, for your commitment, all of your efforts and all of the Meditations, the prayers, exercises that you do for your teaching of people about what this Process of Ascension encompasses. Because you are raising the level of the vibration and you are on point, on Mission, and we celebrate you. We honor you for that. 

Namaste and good night.

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