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9-19-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

9-19-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, we are here with you tonight to initiate these high vibrations of Love and Light into our reality, onto your planet to bring about this acceleration of these high vibrations encompassing your Dear Beloved Planet and raising the level of the vibration and once again accelerating your Ascension Process so that this Cosmic Blast can manifest within your conscious reality on this Beloved Planet. And it’s from this place of activation within the cells and your DNA that these connections in the right lobe of your brain can come into play once more and be in harmony with the 5th Dimension and anchor in the 5th Dimension in such a way inside of your bodies that you never have to sink down into the lower vibrations of duality ever again. 

And doesn’t that sound fantastic? We think it does because it really gives you more of an opportunity to play. And I’m playing over here on the other side all of the time, singing and dancing and, you know, it’s just a blast!

And we really want to see that happen for all of you where you can develop your gifts and your talents and really let loose. And yes, of course, it’s all pointed to this place of you ascending, but then from that point onward, you get to pick your Mission pretty much. And what you are learning right now, although it may seem tedious, grueling, wearisome, is really the nuts and the bolts of how you get into that place of the 5th Dimension and you stay there because of all of the lessons that you are learning around maneuvering the energies again and again, day in and day out, into higher levels of vibration within the four bodies of your being.

And this is really no mystery, Dear Beloved Souls. It takes a lot of effort.  And we love you all ever so much for your contributions, your commitment to raising the level of the Love and Light, to your commitment that each and every one has taken on this call to ascend. For some people, they won’t be able to make that commitment because they will just be too afraid or too much in guilt to be able to do that.

But all of you that have learned how to be Heart Centered and to let in the Love and the Light and raise yourself into higher vibrations, you have helped make it so much easier for everyone else on your planet to go through their awaking process. And we see this at this time with the vibrations that are coming into your Beloved Planet as mushrooming and facilitating another phase of growth, of nurturing on your planet. In other words, these waves of people awaking, they are coming more and more in alignment into a place where that can happen.

And we see it not being so long in your Earth time where this is going to happen. So, what we’re trying to do here is to encourage you to stay on task, because we really know that it isn’t easy day after day to commit yourself to the focus of your ascension and that of the planet. But of course, you’re doing a marvelous job. And on that note, let us join together, me bi-locating my paw and taking your other hand and holding the hand of someone else on this call and forming a circle. And breathing into your Heart Center now and feeling ourselves being all connected, and sending the Love around to the left, to the right, to our hands and to our hearts.

And with the speed of thought, rising up off of the surface of your planet into the atmospheres, up through the layers of the ships and up to my ship, the Nibiru. And now again getting close, I’m opening up the landing deck here in the belly of the ship, and we’re popping through this airlock and hovering in it as the landing deck closes beneath us. And now it’s safe to touch down. And we’re walking on back to the elevator here. And all of us in our circle are going right into this elevator fully intact here. And we’re closing the door and pushing the button and zooming right on up to the top room here. 

The doors open and once again, we all of these Beloved Spirits, these Beings of Light, some of them are the Mentors, some of them from the Ashtar Command on the ships and different Ascended Beings and angels, archangels. And of course, your ancestors are here, your guides, your “I AM Presence”. You know, they want to show you that you are very supported in doing this Meditation, and that we are all One. So perhaps you feel a little nudge from one of them.  And that is fine to let you know that they’re here and that they are very much with you right now. 

Ah, so our Beloved Alter is right in the middle of the room. It’s made out of marvelous crystals. And let us circle around it. And breathing into the Heart Center as the rest of the Beloved Beings in the room circle around us, first with the Mentors and then beings from the Ashtar Command and angels and Ascended Masters. And sending this LoveLight around the circle from the left to the right here, into the outer circles and all through the room, and up, down around and through from the floor to the ceiling. And feeling all of the energies of all of the different crystals that represent all of the different dimensions of reality. 

It is such a wondrous feeling for us all to be together in high vibration like this because, Dear Beloved Ones, there are no limitations about how high we can go, how much Love we can generate on your Beloved Planet. Because yes, we want all of the Beloved Beings on your planet to wake up. We want them to wake up right now.  We want all of the actions of the Alliance to come together in a very fruitful way so that this age of the 5th Dimension, another Golden Age, which this time will supersede all that has preceded it, will firmly become a part of your waking reality on your Beloved Planet. 

And now we’re taking a moment to let each of you set individual Intentional Requirements for what you want to create with the energy of this Meditation because we have just set the overall focus of our group Intentions. So just breathing into your hearts here, breathing into the crystal, shining the LoveLight on it. (Pause)

And now, sending the energy around the circles one more time all up and down and around and through this Beloved Crystal Room, re-energizing ourselves, breathing into our Heart Centers and sending it into our Beloved Crystal on the altar here. And now shooting it up through the hole in my Beloved Ceiling of the ship and sending it right down onto your Beloved Planet. And when we get close to the surface of your planet, we’re spiraling it on the surface and up, down and around and through the whole planet, underneath it, through it, around it, up and down.

And we’re affecting every subatomic particle on your Beloved Planet, raising the level of the vibration of all of the Beloved Kingdoms on your planet and getting into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings and helping them to raise the level of their vibration with the Intention of slowing down in this Now Moment and helping them to be at Zero Point to relax, to let go and be in this Now Moment and give them a healthy dose of this feeling of the Love and Light that they are in every Now Moment over on the other side where we are. Because all of you have this connection with your Higher Selves and the higher aspects of your Being, but it’s another thing to breathe into your heart and to give energy to that connection. And the more you do this, the more that you can feel yourself being nurtured by that part of you that is the Godhead.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, never lose sight of that. And really let us allow ourselves to grow in these higher vibrational feelings, energies as we bring them in this Now Moment. And yes, keep on cascading this energy in a spiral up, down and around and through your Beloved Planet. And yes, let us go into the oceans now, in the Atlantic, where there’s been a lot of action in the last few days since the last call that we had. And we’re sending the LoveLight into all of these areas that have been affected, spiraling it from the atmosphere to the surface and down underneath into the oceans, into the tectonic plates, all up, down, around and through into the hearts of all of these people that have been affected there. And telling them that they are supported by the Company of Heaven in these times of catastrophe. And that we see them, and we love them as ourselves.

And now, let us focus on this place of Washington, D.C., in the Beloved Capital of the United States. Because not too very long from now is going to be what so many of the people in the media and the politicians are saying is a pivotal moment in the history of your nation here in the United States. And we see a lot of other things unfolding, but let us send the LoveLight from the surface, down beneath the surface, underground into all of those secret compartments in the underground bases there. Because we see some of these areas still being active with the energy of the cabal controlling them. And we’re shining the LoveLight on them to expose all of the secrets that will ensure that these politicians that have violated the Constitution and the Trust of all of their constituents will be exposed and will be taken to task with indictments. 

And now spreading this Intention to the whole of the planet where we shine the LoveLight into all of these places where secrets have given the cabal an unfair advantage over you, where the AI has hidden and found ways to mutate your DNA and found ways to control you, your minds and to keep you in perpetual debt slavery. And this was never the Intention of Heaven. And these dark players of the cabal, they violated certain sacred trusts. And now the time for exposure, the time for, umm, coming clean, if you will, and having to take responsibility for their diabolical creations is upon them. And so, let us shine the LoveLight into their hearts and to help them to understand it is all One and that they really don’t have any enemies and that there’s nothing to be afraid of with coming to the Light.  It’s just a phase that they’re going through in their soul’s development.

And now let us go into the underground bases, starting from Mexico through the United States, in through Canada. And let us spin vertically from the atmosphere to the surface and going underneath, spinning in this gigantic spiral. And picking up momentum here, shining this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy into every facet of these underground bases and to the surface structures controlled by the institutions of your country which have all been infiltrated by the cabal to keep them in power, to keep their leverage over the Beloved People. 

And shining the LoveLight up, down, around and through in a spiral here vertically. And feeling this Light go down into all of the sequestered places where secrets, where the AI has been kept from us, where weapons, where vast amounts of wealth and places where they conduct these ritual sacrifices and do very nefarious orgies and deeds. Shining the LoveLight onto them to expose them, to lift them up in vibration so these dark players won’t be able to inhabit these places of really high vibration now.  The scales have turned against them. And they are getting flushed out into the Light of Day into this bright Light, Golden White Christ Consciousness Energy.

And let us send our prayers into the hearts of all of the people who have been made into slaves to serve these dark players underneath the surface of your Beloved Planet in these bases. And we say to you, “You are not forgotten. You are so dearly loved. And it is also your time of awakening into the Light and knowing that your time of being a slave has been completed because you have given from your heart and your soul to play your part in this grand Mission of the planet returning back into the 5th Dimension in a truly marvelous new way. And you will find it so easy to cross over to the other side and your karma is clean.”

Dear Beloved Ones on this Meditation tonight, we love you beyond all verbal expression. We thank you so very much for your participation, for your commitment to what you do each and every day. Namaste and good night.

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