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Mother Sekhmet, 10-31-2018. By Eli Galla

Mother Sekhmet, 10-31-2018. By Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Beings of Love and Light,

Yes, it is such a pleasure for me to be here tonight when the veil is so very thin and once again in our Meditation, joining together heart to heart to bring in these high vibrational energies, to focus our Intentional Requirements on the Beloved Liberation of your Mother Gaia.

And yes, whenever we have this portal happening, we consider this to be a most joyous and potent time in bringing forth the energy that is needed to rise up even higher and saturate your Beloved Planet even more so with this LoveLight, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. Because this is what you are continuously bringing in to help you accelerate your Ascension Process.  

And yes, we’ve been doing this for a very long time. And the more that we do it, the closer that we get to the saturation point where we start to see all of these different pieces that we have been calling forth along with these factions of the Alliance that have put them in place in your material, physical reality. And yes, you’re not really solely in the 3rd Dimension anymore. 

You’re really walking between two worlds, as it were. And now many of you are able to be up in the 5th Dimension with regularity and calling forth these higher vibrations. You know, not just in your Meditations but in just allowing yourselves to breathe and relax. And to us, this is a very wonderful point in the development in your Spiritual Growth Process, because you weren’t able to do this awhile back, not so long ago. And more and more of you are able to do it.

And so, you know, you may get caught up in what you perceive to be the news and the progress of the Meditations to bring us to this place of the Announcements of NESARA, but of course, we always tell you, you know, everything’s in Divine Timing. Everything that has been put forth has a rhythm of its own to manifest in your material reality. And when it happens, the perfection of that manifestation will be with you. You will have earned it. And it will take you to the next phases. And we see it as already done, like we keep on telling you. And pretty soon you’re going to be able to actually see it manifested as already done. So, you know, here tonight is another opportunity to bring it forward even more.

And now let us join together, me bi-locating my paw to you and you reaching out for someone else on the call to give them a hand. And joining in our circle and sending this LoveLight from our hearts into our left hand, to the next person and sending it around and having the energy come in through the right hand or the right paw, as it were, and up into your hearts and breathing it in with the Intentional Requirement of rising up off of your Beloved Planet.
And with the Speed of Thought jettisoning above the surface into the atmospheres, into the layers of the ships.  And coming upon my Beloved Ship --  Oh, it’s huge, it’s gigantic. And we’re coming around underneath it to the underbelly. And I’m opening it up here, and it’s opening for us. And we’re popping right on through with our circle altogether and hovering in this airlock while the landing deck closes beneath us.

And now it’s safe to touch down. So we’re walking on back to the elevator here and getting in all at the same time, the circle unbroken. And we are just pressing the buttons and we’re going straight right up to the Crystal Room very quickly. And now the door opens. And we are joined by all of these Beloved Beings of the Light, some of them, of course, your ancestors. And some of them may even be previous reincarnations of yourself. And you’re feeling perhaps a tickle or the hair standing up on the back of your neck and maybe even hearing a song. 

And we’re assembling ourselves over into the middle of the room here and establishing our circle around the Beloved Altar, us being the inner circle. And the Mentors forming a circle right around us. And the rest of the Beloved Beings following suit and establishing other circles. And just continuing to breathe into the Heart Center and feeling the Beloved Energies in this room through your consciousness of all of the Beloved Beings from the ships, the Mentors, the Ascended Masters, Beloved Angels and Archangels and, of course, many representatives from the ships, different beings of the Ashtar Command.

And spiraling our energy through the circles, up, down and around and through the Beloved Crystal Room from the floors to the walls, to the ceiling, feeling all of these dimensions represented in all of Creation. And with our breathing, just breathing them in, letting them raise us up in vibration and consciousness. And letting ourselves feel this Oneness with all of Creation now. 

And feeling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy expand from our hearts into our Beloved Crystal sitting on our altar. And making our Intentional Requirements individually for what we want to create out of this Meditation, whether it has to do with finances or relationships or health issues, anything that is of importance to you to bring into higher vibration and manifest within your reality, shining it forth into this Beloved Crystal.

And now, let us put forth our Intentional Requirement for the announcement of NESARA. And of course, in order to do that, we need to bring in Peace on your Beloved Planet and no more wars. And we need to bring together all of the members of the cabal to walk off the stage and to be taken to task for what they have created. And they will be able to make their choices about what they want to do. And it’s up to them. They still have their Free Will.  We’re not imposing upon that. It’s just that what they have created needs to be, um, plowed aside, so we can rise up in higher vibrations and fulfill our evolvement as Spiritual Beings on your Beloved Planet.
And yes, we’re a part of this too, because whatever is going on with you affects the whole of Creation. And we are just, you know, your Mentors, your guides, if you will. But we do not infringe upon your Free Will Choices. And this is wonderful, from our perspective, because this enables you to grow so exponentially while all of these changes are taking place on your Beloved Planet. And you’re getting really bombarded with high-vibration frequencies.  And of course, tonight, the veil is very, very thin. 

So just breathing into the Heart Center and sending this LoveLight up through the point, the tip of the crystal, through the opening in the ceiling of the Crystal Room. And shining it down at the Speed of our Thought onto your Beloved Planet, starting from the North Pole and spiraling it up, down and around and through from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the surface into every Beloved Subatomic Particle. And completely inundating your Beloved Planet with this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

And feeling that Power of the Truth of who we really are as an integral part of the Godhead, each and every one of us, and each and every person in all of Creation. And allowing this consciousness to rise up in vibration and exponentially to spread forth higher and higher, so that everyone on your Beloved Planet can feel it even more and more in this Now Moment and in the moments to come. 

One of the main tasks that we have before us is helping to open each and every one person’s consciousness to a degree whereby they can take these higher vibrations in. And to let us send them into their Heart Centers, these Intentional Requirements for their own liberation and their spiritual evolvement and the acceleration of their Ascension Process.
And what we are doing, Dear Beloved Ones, is planting seeds by shining on them this LoveLight to give them different perceptions in high vibration of who they really are, so that they can begin to remember themselves over on the other side, and even past lifetimes, and even the things they learned in past lifetimes that are coming to the fore right now in helping them to raise the level of their vibration as these high vibrational energies come into the planet so that they will be better able to assimilate these energies and to integrate them.

And now, of course, we feel that this would be a great time to go over into your Beloved United States with the election only being a few days away here, less than a week, and to shine this LoveLight into the hearts of everybody on your Beloved Planet and particularly the people that are going to vote. And even the people that don’t vote by the level of their consciousness and them shining forth their hopes and dreams and aspirations for the continuation of the Pursuit of Happiness and Liberation and Justice on your Beloved Planet.  It does affect the whole. So, we’re going to spiral this energy all throughout all of the Beloved Beings on your planet.

First, we’re going to start with Washington, D.C., where all of these politicians are congregated to some degree in the next few days. And then spread it out to the rest of the country and from the surface -- Well, actually from the atmosphere to the surface and beneath the surface to the underground bases, up, down and around and through and spreading it out all over your Beloved Planet. And shining forth the Intentional Requirement for Peace, Harmony, Liberation, Understanding, Clear Communication and Compassion and Respect for a person’s own Inner Truth and their ability to use their Free Will to help them learn their Life Lessons and bring their Soul Contracts and their Life Lessons to completion.

And now, going down underneath into the tunnels here beneath the surface of your Beloved United States. And starting from Mexico through the U.S., up and through Canada.  And spinning this LoveLight in a horizontal way, up, down, around and through these honeycomb chambers of the bases, though the tunnels. And shining into the hearts of all the Beloved Beings. And even though they may be the cabal, and they may be the perpetrators of black magic and the minions of this Artificial Intelligence, we have no judgment on them.  They’ve all been playing their roles. 

But now is the time for this change whereby you have all graduated this schoolhouse of duality and its densities. And now you’re rising up and on a night like tonight, you can feel that flow of energy that takes you through the portals and lets you rise up higher and higher. And this feels so natural and so nurturing to each and every one of your hearts. 

And now, let us send the Intentional Requirement to all of these Beloved Beings who have been kept against their Free Will in these underground bases, some of them for almost the whole entirety of their lives. And some of them are very young children to be sacrificed. 

And we say to them that, “Yes, this is all a hologram and that forgiveness for all of these heinous acts, that have been perpetrated against you, are your Key to Liberation; and that you have never been separated from Creator Source, from those higher aspects of your being, no matter how much pain you have been subjected to, no matter how much they’ve tried to brainwash you and to keep you down in fear and separation and in all of these lower vibrations. This is not the Truth of who you really are. So breathe into your Heart Center and feel all of the energy come in. You, at your core essence, are only this Love and Light, Unconditional and Universal, to be sure.

And so, Dear Beloved Ones, we say to you that you are loved so very much, far beyond verbal expression and we thank each and every one of you that have been doing this Meditation tonight. And we say Namaste and good night.

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