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10-23-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

10-23-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla on Ashtar Legacy Family Call 10-23-18

~ Sekhmet ~

“Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Ah, such a blessing to be with you all here tonight in these full moon energies. And it’s not like we need any more energies to lift us up that are coming into this Planet at this time, but this is another peak for us, if you will.  And this is a very opportune time for us to be together in the Love and Light that we are to do this beloved meditation to bring ourselves finally, fully into the Fifth Dimension on your beloved Planet.

“Yes, there have been many challenges along the way and obstacles, but so many of the pieces have been put in place, and they’re coming together to magically bring us to this place whereby we will feel Peace and Joy and Harmony on your beloved Planet because the old guard will have been - oh, they will waltz off the stage and they will go where they need to go and get the guidance and make their choices.  And from that point onward, blessed things are sure to transpire upon your Planet.

“And as we’ve said before, this is all in preparation for your Ascension.  And, yes, we are working together as a team and no matter what role you feel that you have in being in mission at this time as part of the ground crew, you are so loved and honored and admired for playing your part. 

“And know there is no judgment on you whatsoever, because what you have taken on with your soul contracts, with working on yourselves the way that you have, shows remarkable grace, shows remarkable compassion and understanding, of where we are in bringing the LoveLight to all of Creation at a much higher level than it was when you first came into this lifetime on your beloved Planet. 

“And if you think the energy is high now, we can only assure you that once you ascend, it will be beyond your wildest imagination of the Joy and the Love you will feel all of the time. 

“So, let us join together, me bi-locating my paw to you and you reaching out to somebody on this call.  It doesn’t matter who.  We’re all one and we’re going to form our circle and send the energy from our left hand all around and have it come in through the right hand and into our hearts and just breathing into our hearts. 

“And with the power of our thoughts, rising up off of your beloved Planet, up through the atmospheres and now through the layers of the ships and up to my beloved ship, the Nibiru, and approaching the belly of the ship which is really a landing deck, and I’m opening it, and we’re popping right through, our circle still connected and we’re hovering in the airlock and waiting for the landing deck to close.  And now it has and we’re touching down and we’re walking back to one of the elevators here, in the back of the ship and we’re getting in, all together, our circle still fully formed.

“Ah, the magic of time and space on my beloved ship. And we’re rising up, pushing the buttons, going to the top floor here, and opening the doors.  And we feel this beloved energy, the strength, the warmth of it, just filling our hearts up with Joy, with laughter. And perhaps you’re feeling a nudge or a whisper, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up because one of your beloved Ancestors, and it could even be you in a past incarnation, is feeding you some LoveLight there, just the way you know how much they love you and how glad they are that they are together with you to do this meditation.

“And now going into the middle of the room with all of these Beloved Beings gathered here tonight and forming our circle around our beloved Altar.  And the circle forming around us, first with the Mentors, and then other Ascended Masters and Archangels and Beloved Beings from all of the different ships represented, that are represented here, forming around them and breathing into our hearts and sending this energy through our circle, up through the left hand, all through the circle, the outer circles and all through this beloved room, from the floor to the walls to the ceiling in a spiral, up, down and around and through.

“And just breathing into it, allowing yourself to rise up into all of these higher vibrations and dimensions that are represented in the consciousness of the Beloved Beings and also in the consciousness of the Crystal Kingdom that is represented here on my beloved ship in this wonderful room that represents all of the different parts of Creation throughout the Multiverse whereby these Crystals have been gathered from.

“And now focusing our energy on our Master Crystal on the Altar and shining our Love and our Light with our intentions.  And you could be intentionally requiring something that is going to help you financially, or with your relationships, or with your understanding of the cosmos.  Perhaps to help you in your meditations for them to be more effective and for you to feel more connected with your I AM Presence and Creator Source.  And just breathing into it and allowing ourselves to be in this now moment so totally, feeling such Joy and such high vibrations of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness energy, this Divine Love that is you, beloved Brothers and Sisters.

“And now, let us intentionally require Peace on your Planet, for us to fully engage in harmony, in the wisdom of knowing that all of Creation is One.  And now is our time to rise up into these higher dimensions and for us to allow ourselves to know that it is already done.  And now, shining this beloved Light through the tip of the Crystal, through the opening in my ceiling, and shining it down on your beloved Planet and us following it down there, with our conscious intention to be One with it.  

“And spiraling this LoveLight from the North Pole, up, down, around and through your beloved Planet, affecting all of the subatomic particles, affecting the consciousness of all of the Beloved Beings on your Planet, helping them by shining this LoveLight into their hearts to raise the level of their consciousness, to help them understand that they are an integral part of God.  

“And that this hologram that they think that they are, is all an illusion. And they are so much more than that, and that there is a part of them all of the time that is One with God over on our side of the veil, really having a great time and celebrating what you all have done on your side of the veil - to raise the LoveLight on your beloved Planet to the intensity that has become of being so dominant, of having the truth on your Planet become very transparent and ushering the way for these players and the cabal and this deep state to be dethroned, and to walk off the stage with the spotlight shining on them.

“And, yes, we celebrate their efforts because they gave us one intense ride and we wouldn’t be who we are, our hearts wouldn’t be as full of Love as they are right now if they hadn’t been our foil, if you will, because they put us through a lot.  But now the tide is turning and we are in celebration mode and feeling the Oneness that makes this all possible, because in our unity, in our Divine Unity Consciousness, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish together with this LoveLight that we are.

“And now, let us go over to North America and once again shine this LoveLight into the tunnels.  Because, guess what, there are still some of these cabal players, these bad actors, that are entrenched down there.  Now they may not be down there themselves, but this is the place where they think they’re going to escape to, where they have their secret stashes, where the AI is down there to help them to get through any of the challenges that they may have, if they have to hide out. 

“Well, it’s not going to go down that way, because to a large degree, many of these bases have been compromised by us, by the forces of Light rooting out their armaments, their secret stashes of gold that they have been hording and their spies in all of these places where they’ve conducted business, their very nefarious business, for a really long time.

“And so by shining our LoveLight, we’re purifying all of these tunnels, these underground bases, and helping them to become transparent.  And starting south of the border here, and spinning this LoveLight already underneath the ground in a horizontal way, all through the length and the width of North America, here. 

“And now starting breathing into your hearts, going up, down and around and through, allowing yourselves to feel these polarities becoming One with the Light and removing them all, and transmuting these energies into the highest frequencies of Love and Light and doing so in this spiral.  Yes, it’s a big spiral.  It covers all of this area from coast to coast and up through the United States from Mexico to Canada. 

“And going up, down and all over because, yes, these caverns and the underground bases of the tunnels themselves are very deep and the bases themselves have very many different levels in them.  But breathe our LoveLight, spiralling it into those installations totally affecting all of these places where they have hidden now and directed their affairs against us for such a long time now and hidden their secrets away from us.

“And now we shine the LoveLight into the hearts of the beloved Beings who have been taken down there and made to be slaves and some of them just children.  And some of them have not been able to cross over when they have left their bodies even.  

“So shining the LoveLight into their hearts and we say to them, ‘Yes, you were so deeply loved and honored.  We are one with you.  We are on the same mission to bring the LoveLight to our beloved Planet and raise it up to the highest frequencies, to the higher dimensions here, where there will be no pain and suffering.  And none of these lower vibrations will be able to dictate our reality any longer whatsoever. No war, just Peace, Harmony and Divine Love all over this beloved, beautiful Planet.’ 

“And we thank you all so much, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, for your commitment for doing these meditations with us, and for being the Love and Light that you are.  Namaste and good night.                   

Transcription by Marta.

Given through Eli Galla on Ashtar Legacy Family Call, October 23, 2018

Copyright Eli Galla 2018 - All Rights Reserved.

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