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11-28-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

11-28-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Oh, it’s such a pleasure to be here with you once again and feeling your hearts, particularly after you’ve done another Meditation with Mother Sekhmet. And yes, I love coming in after her because she sure perks up you all into the higher vibrations. And she allows you to feel these high aspects of your being and the power that you have in creating this new reality, not just for yourselves but for all of your Beloved Planet and all of the kingdoms and all of the Beloved Beings on your planet to help to raise the level of the vibration.

And yes, as she says, this is another time where we see the last days of this Beloved Year dwindling to a close. But there is so much that is transpiring on it at this time. And it is so rich with promise for bringing in these high vibrations which will allow us to bring in the 5th Dimension. And yes, you’re well aware of all of these different conditions that the Alliance is trying to put in place for the 5th Dimension to become fully anchored in on your Beloved Planet. 

And all we could say is that we see things coming together. And so many raising the level of their vibration at this time. And this is really what it takes for you all to stay in high vibration and to realize really how powerful you are. Because it has never been about how many of you are doing the work, raising the level of the vibration, but it has been about how high you raise that level when you come together heart to heart and do meditations like this and then when you’re doing your individual clearings and meditations because, yes, you plug in with us over on the other side, or your I AM Presence. And you raise the level of the vibration with us and focusing on what you want to create.

And sometimes it’s personal but we see that with you all that you’ve all been doing personal meditations for the Ascensions to accelerate and for your planet to reach those places of prosperity, health and wellbeing and abundance and for the Truth to come out, for the Truth to be transparent so people will be able to share heart to heart with one another again as in the very, very beginnings when you’ve had your Golden Ages in Lumeria and Atlantis.

But of course, you know that this time, the 5th Dimension will be so much different and that the purpose of us being in the 5th Dimension at this time is not just to raise the level of vibration on your Beloved Planet, but it is for us to join with all of these other planets to create a higher-vibrational realty where the AI will no longer hold any sway and that you can come together in joining this Federation of Planets that have become self-aware, if you will, because there is so much to do. There is so much further that we can carry this and really raise the level of the vibration not just for ourselves but for other planets that are going through somewhat the same levels of duality.

Although as we keep on saying to you, there hasn’t been any planet that has been mired in the type of density that you have experienced for these last thirteen millennia. And this is such a wondrous time for us on the ships to see, all of these fireworks going off. And we feel your hearts coming together in this Collective Consciousness. Because the level of your vibration is rising so wonderfully well in unison together now. And what has seemed like a fantasy for so many years of bringing NESARA into Announcement, of having all of this wonderful advanced technology to come into your planet and for you to be fully, consciously aware in your ascensions and be able to play with all of these new toys to create this new reality is very much within your grasp. We see it already has happened over on our side.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so very much for letting us come in tonight and share with you heart to heart our Love and our Light and we say to you, Namaste.

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