Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mary Magdalene, 10-31-2018, by Eli Galla

Mary Magdalene, 10-31-2018, by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Ah, what a joyous occasion it is to be with you tonight, Halloween (laugh), in a space of connection all through the portals, through the gateways and in a place of Divine Communion, heart to heart, from my heart to yours and to all of the Mentors. Because, yes, we are all together, and we are honoring you in this LoveLight that you are, in this Now Moment.

And if you just breathe into your Heart Center, we want to shine the LoveLight even more so, into your hearts and, yes, in your circle. And sending it out from the left hand through the circle and having it come back into your right hand, into your heart. And allow yourself to resonate in these high frequencies of Unconditional Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. 

And allowing yourselves to feel the Wisdom in knowing that you are at a most-auspicious place in your journey. Because, yes, it’s taken quite a long time in your perception, linear time, to get here to this place. And now, we can see and perceive how you are feeling the Oneness when we shine these energies into your heart even more so than you did not so long ago.

And of course, we remind you that you can have this Communion with us any time that you like. And all it requires is you closing your eyes and breathing into your Heart Centers and allowing yourselves to slow down and relax with your breathing. And this is a place of nurturing yourselves, connecting with us and connecting with those Higher Aspects of Your Being, your I Am Presence and your Guidance Team. And feeling this connection to that part of you that is the Godhead.

And of course, you know that there’s no limit to how much Love you can feel.  And the more Love that you are feeling, the more Power your Intentional Requirements have to create that reality of Liberation on your Beloved Planet for the Freedom and Liberation of all the Beloved Beings on your planet, including the Beloved Souls that are slaves in the underground bases.


We ask you really to take to heart at this time how you empower yourselves just with breathing into the Heart Center, with calling in these higher aspects of your being. And we’re part of this process if you want us to be, for sure. And just allowing yourselves to be in this place of feeling nurtured and loved so Unconditionally, so Universally. And where you can feel the Oneness of all of Creation, all up, down and around and through all of the different dimensions. And all through the dimensions of inner space by going down into your subatomic particles and lifting up into these brilliant frequencies of the LoveLight and establishing this rapport with those Higher Aspects of Your Being.


And we remind you that everything is perfect, everything is in Divine Order and in Divine Timing. And the more you let go with your breathing, the more you let yourself rise up into these high frequencies of Love and Light, the more your actualize these realizations and take them into your heart and firmly and fully connect with them so that they become an integral part of your being and your consciousness in allowing yourself to empower yourselves at all times with these high vibrations to create your reality.

Dear Beloved Ones, there is no mystery in creating from a space of high vibration and creating your reality. It takes courage to allow yourself to rise up in Heart-Centered Meditation, to let go of all of those thoughts that you thought you needed in order to feel safe. And really the only one is that it is all One. And the Universe supports you and you are loved beyond all verbal expression.

And we love you so very much, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. We honor all of your efforts, your Meditations, your prayers, how you have learned to negotiate all of the challenges and obstacles that have come up in your journey. And you have persevered. You have carried the Light forward in a very exponential way. And it is only growing and growing and helping to nurture yourselves and all of the other Beloved Beings on your planet.

So we say to you, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Namaste and good night. Thank you so very much.

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