Thursday, December 6, 2018

12-5-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

12-5-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

What a marvelous feeling and expression of the Love that you are, that you have been using in this Meditation with Beloved Mother Sekhmet. And we come in once again to shine the LoveLight into your heart, to allow yourself to have some space within the four bodies of your being. And as you know, Love is all-inclusive. It is expansive. And to let you feel the cosmos and how there is No Time & No Space, but with your imagination, you can experience all of Creation within your heart, by just breathing into it. And feel all of the Power of the Love that drives all of these energies, all of these Creations all over your cosmos. And shining our LoveLight all through the circle into each other’s hearts.

And I’m shining my LoveLight into your heart, and so are all of the Mentors right now. And yes, letting go, relaxing, knowing that everything is in Divine Timing, and that you are so loved and so supported by the Universe. And the deeper you allow yourself to go into this feeling with the Meditations that you have when this call ends, and when you call us in, we will help it to grow within you on a continuous basis. And the whole idea is to accelerate your Ascension Process. And all it takes is your commitment and your Intentional Requirements for that to happen. 

And you can also be sharing it with the people in this group. When you do these Meditations, you call them in and be continuously sending it around your circle and raising the level of the vibration for all of you. Because by doing that, of course, we’re raising the level for all of Creation and for your Beloved Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms. And that is so very wonderful.

And it is so timely, because of the energies coming down into your planet to give you the necessary reflections that will help you even more to understand what these high vibrations are allowing you to experience within your DNA. And yes, you’ll be able to open up those Akashic records in the 5th Dimension when the solar blast happens. You’ll be able to ask for Communion with your “I AM Presence”, with your Guidance Teams. And you’ll be able to connect with the hearts and the souls of your Beloved Pets who have gone on from your physical reality, and your families, your neighbors, your friends, your lovers, and share heart-to-heart Communions with them and ask them your questions. And this will be the first steps into getting back that Cosmic Awareness that has been taken from you when you entered duality from the fall in the last time that it happened in Atlantis. 

And it was never supposed to be as drastic of a test as it became. But you are here. You are here in the hearts of all of the Beloveds of Creator Source. And you are at the threshold of bringing in your Beloved 5th Dimension. And yes, we keep on telling you on our side of the veil, it’s already happened. And to breathe into that Love of knowing that and knowing who you really are and allowing yourselves to rise up in this knowingness, this vibration.

Ah, and this means letting go of anything that is weighing you down, any worries about your Beloved Ones who have crossed over to the other side, any worries about your children and their growing process, and if they’re being supported enough. And all, all of you can really do is just to keep on raising the level of the LoveLight. Because the plans are in place, Beloved Ones. And they have been gone through in such detail. And we see how the progress will unfold. 

It’s just a matter of all of these different elements on your Beloved Planet coming together and hooking up with one another and unleashing this Power for this Shift to take place, to shift you up from the 3rd, to the 4th, to the 5th Dimension. And then when you’re firmly anchored, you won’t ever need to go back into those low vibrations, of those lower dimensions ever again. You won’t ever have to experience the harshness of duality, because all of your lessons have been learned. And this is such a wonderful thing for us to be able to say at this time.

So, instead of thinking about what you don’t have, we really love for you to expand this energy of what you do have, because Heaven is in your hearts. And it is just waiting for you to breathe into it and to send it heart to heart to every Beloved Person on your planet and, yes, to the Beloved Children who come in with Zero Karma. They are most receptive to these energies. And as a matter of fact, some are really crying out for the Love and Support of the Universe to feel these energies once again, these high vibrations. Because it is all familiar for them to feel these vibrations, their remembrance of where they came from, when they were over on the other side.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we love you far beyond any verbal expression that we could make. And we love and support you. And we’re always here for you. And any time that you want us to be in your Meditations, that you want our love and support and protection too, because every once in a while, some of you do get targeted. And please call us in and we will help. 

We love you so, so very much. Namaste.

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