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12-5-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

12-5-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are so happy to be here tonight with all of you joined in our Communion heart to heart. Wow! There’s been some incredible energies going off on your planet today. And one thing we’re going to focus on tonight are these earthquakes, because there has been a slew of them and couple of them have been really strong in the last few days. So, we think that the good old tectonic plates could use a little bit of support here, a little bit of nudging to get into some more comfortable positions. And yes, it’s been a matter of solar flares reaching your planet and exacerbating conditions that have been ongoing for the past several months in your calendar year here. 

And also, this funeral, if you will, of George Bush that we see as nothing more than another cover-up for taking down the possibility of some of the Beloved Politicians and the prominent people who the cabal use to manipulate your reality, you know, which Papa Bush was a key player of this fraternity, we see. But there we see that the joke’s really on them because we still see that they will be taken down when they least expect it and possibly in ways that they have no way of foretelling. 

So, you know, once again, it’s that valuable tool that we have called Patience. And allowing ourselves to be Here Now at this Point of Zero or nothingness where we could really experience the energetics of who we are when we join together and empower ourselves to create this reality that we call NESARA. And all this means is that we are going to jump start our reality into anchoring in the 5th Dimension by creating or by announcing and putting into play all of these different plans that the different factions have come up with and orchestrated throughout the timeline here to bring it to completion. And when it does, you know, all of these necessary conditions that we see that are going to allow this Beloved Planet to be in the 5th Dimension again will transpire. And the shift will be very uplifting and very rewarding for all of you who have been doing the work. 

So, let us join together, me bi-locating my paw and with the other hand reaching out to somebody on the call to form a circle. And breathing into your Heart Center, sending the energy out into the left hand around the circle, having it come back in through the right hand. And with the Speed of our Thoughts, allowing ourselves to jettison up off of the surface, up into the atmospheres, into the layers of the ships.  And coming upon my ship which is totally gigantic, we’re going underneath, and we’re opening up a large spot there, which becomes a landing deck, because we’re going right up through it and hovering in the airlock here, while it closes beneath us. And now, it’s safe to touch down.

And we’re walking on back to the Beloved Elevator, getting all in at the same time without breaking up our circle, of course, because the dimensions of time and space are different once you get into this elevator and on my whole ship, for that matter. And we’re pressing the buttons here and going right on up to the top floor where the Crystal Room is. And now, we’re opening it up.

And we see so many familiar faces and the energies in really high-vibe consciousness are here to greet us and many of your ancestors, some of them which may be you from previous incarnations. And you’re feeling possibly some warmth, maybe the hair standing up at the back of your neck, a nudge, maybe a familiar song or a tickle, something to let you know that somebody that you haven’t seen in a long time is right there with you and really glad that you’re together right now. 

And now, assembling around the altar in the middle of our room here. Ah, just holding hands and breathing into the Heart Center once again, sending the energy out into the circle the same way that we just did when we were coming up here and out to the outer circles, and then all through the room from the ceiling to the walls, down to the floor and up, down, and around and through, spiraling this energy, feeling all of the different dimensions of our consciousness represented. And what a wonderful feeling! Because the more that we go up into these higher dimensions, the stronger the Feeling of Oneness is and of being supported and loved by all of Creation, because we are making this connection with Creator Source through the Higher Aspects of our Being and with all of the Beloved Mentors, archangels and Ascended Masters that have assembled here tonight. 

And shining our LoveLight into the Master Crystal on the altar here in the middle of the room. And making your Intentional Requirements for what you desire to create from the energies of this Meditation from being in high vibration and sending it out and being able to maintain the continuity with those high vibrations to use the Law of Attraction to your favor to manifest it within your physical reality. 

And now, shining this Beloved Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy through the tip of our Beloved Master Crystal, through the opening of the ceiling of the Crystal Room and shooting it down right onto your planet with us right there with it as we witness the gyrations that it’s making in a spiral when it comes to your planet. And starting from the atmosphere to the surface, going underneath the surface, affecting the consciousness of all the Beloved Subatomic Particles on your planet, going up, down and around and through and lifting up this level of vibration and feeling the Joy and Wonder of being in this Now Moment altogether up through all of the higher dimensions of reality. And feeling the magic unfold on your Beloved Planet of spiraling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy into the hearts of all of humanity, into all of the kingdoms.

And now, going underneath the oceans here. And this is in this Beloved Area which is a really large area called the Ring of Fire. And starting all the way down near Australia and New Caledonia and Fiji. And going all the way into these areas of the Pacific, South America to California and all the West Coast of the United States, up through the coast of Canada and into Alaska and Anchorage where there was a huge earthquake a few days ago. And all of these areas are at play. And so, we’re just going to spiral this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness from the atmosphere down into the surface and underneath the surface in the tectonic plates of that beloved area there.

And we’re going to do some reverse spinning because we’re going to allow the consciousness to adjust the energies of this tectonic plate and the many different offshoots of it to harmonize with each other instead of fighting one another, to be in synchronicity with all of the different vibrations here. So that means that some of the plates have to slow down and others have to speed up a little bit to maintain this flow of energy. And now to slow it down by going into a reverse spin so that we take the edge off of all of these gyrations that have been exacerbated, if you will, by a lot of solar flare energy happening very recently.

And now, let us go over to Washington, D.C., and let us go back and make the Intentional Requirement that we could attend George Bush, Sr.’s funeral and shine the LoveLight into all the Beloved Servants of the Darkness who attended that funeral, his family and past Presidents and people who are very high up in the Government and in all of the different levels of, say, entertainment and finance, many of them represented there today at this funeral. So seeing this congregation and spiraling the LoveLight from the surface, down underneath, back up into the atmosphere in a spiral affecting each and every one of their hearts, shining the LoveLight right into their hearts, spinning all of their chakras and giving them a chance to wake up from being in these very delusional contracts that they have with their Lord and Savior, Satan. 

And shining this LoveLight with the Intention that, they are ready, they are welcome back into the Light at any time. Because yes, we are all children of the God. We all came from the One Consciousness that emanated all of Creation. And there is no separation. So all of the guilt and the fear that they feel for their actions in holding all of these dark energies, this could be dissipated and forgiven very easily if only they make the commitment and start to forgive themselves. So, we’re planting some seeds here. And we hope that they sprout, and they get nurtured and they grow. 

And now, going down underneath the surface here into the underground networks. And spiraling this LoveLight all the way as we go down into the elevators and access the tunnels. And spin in a horizontal direction this spiral of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy all through the tunnels, the bases which are connected all the way up through the United States from Mexico and up into Canada. And spiraling it back up, down, and around and through. 

And feeling the energies of these underground bases, all of the advanced technologies, the armaments that have been hoarded there, the stashes of wealth, very priceless paintings, pieces of jewelry, artifacts. They have been sequestered down there, because these dark players have felt that they are the real wealth of this Beloved Planet. And that those people who control these treasures have a lot of control over the planet. But they are being exposed, each and every way, for their very nefarious acts against Humanity, for their lies and deceptions, for their breaking their promises, their oaths in many different things, such as to your Beloved Original United States Constitution.

And now, we’re going into the hearts of each and every one of the people who have been held against their Will on your Beloved Planet in these underground bases. And we’re saying to them, “We honor you.  We love you more than we could possibly say for your commitments, for your bravery, for your courage of giving yourself up to these energies. Because in doing so, you were able to figure in the plan to raise the level of consciousness on your Beloved Planet. So now, the actions of these very dark players are becoming transparent and very crystal clear as to what their Intentions were and how they controlled us and made us their slaves. And now because of this, the plans that have been put in place to take away their power are gaining so much more added strength. So, we say to you, we love you so very much.” 

And all the people on this Meditation, we love you too, more than we could possibly express with our words for all of your efforts to keep the Love alive on your Beloved Planet and empower yourselves to realize your Ascensions and bringing back into play the Beloved 5th Dimension.

Namaste and good night.  

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