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5-30-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

5-30-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, we are so happy to be in your midst as you have completed this wonderful Meditation with Mother Sekhmet. And we can feel the energy be so high right now. And we would love to come in and sooth your hearts at this time. Because, yes, we know that many of you are faced with challenges and that your hearts are weary of all of the years where you thought that this would be the time that we would finally be living in the 5th Dimension. That we wouldn’t have to play out our survival dynamic any more. And that it would be so much easier in relationships with people because we would all be Heart Centered. We wouldn’t have to compete with one another. We would all be telling the Truth of our Love and our Light and raising the level of our vibrations with one another continuously, day in and day out.

Well, it has taken us longer than expected to get here, but as we say on our side of the veil, we see it as already happening. And so, we celebrate with you at your success. And it is nothing less than that, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. You have passed this marker now for almost six years. And in that time, so many of the necessary changes have come about. And we are at the point where our Mission is expanding to this place where these dark energies of the cabal are fading out so furiously fast. We see them expiring at a rate which they did not anticipate at all. 

Because, Dear Beloved Ones, as our Commander Ashtar has said many times since the Ashtar Family has assembled with Susan and Fran, starting it so many years ago, that these different components that had to be aligned for NESARA to happen, that it would surprise us the way that they came in. And we have come to realize that there was no one way that this would happen. But that the rhythm, timing and synchronization of all of these events that are needed to bring about this marvelous change of NESARA on your planet would come together in Divine Order, in a splendor and a gracefulness and with a joyous feeling in our hearts. And that’s what we see happening.

And we can’t tell you when that is going to happen. We just see it as already happening. And we see all of the different pieces that are coming together right now. The different criminals being exposed, the new financial system being set up, changes in allowing new technology to come in into your reality. But above all, these high vibrations that are coming in and allowing so many more of you on your planet, the ones who have been living in this envelope of fear and separation, that their hearts are expanding at this time with Wonder and Joy. 

And they are flying up in the upper realms of their imagination and picturing what this new world, this new reality, this Golden Age will be like for them, just as you have done so many times throughout the years. For so many that are waking up right now, they’re just feeling this. And they’re feeling the benefits of all you have been through in these many, many years of your Awakening Process, and marching on through these different Ascension Protocols of the energies coming in in tighter and tighter intervals and with much more intensity than they started out with also.

So, Dear Beloved Beings, we salute all of your efforts. And as Mother said, you may not really think of yourself as teachers. But when this Cosmic Blast happens, so many of the people just waking up, they will be attracted to your energy. Because you will be shining the LoveLight at such a high frequency where they can’t deny that you’ve already attained the type of awareness that they are seeking to enable them to accelerate their Ascension Processes. And this will become paramount for the people that are waking up, Brothers and Sisters. Because in this Cosmic Blast comes the awareness with the hooking up of those different parts of the right lobe of your brain, becomes the awareness of why you have all come in. And what the real Mission is and, of course, it is Ascension, and how it will help not just you and this planet, but all of Creation.

So, Brothers and Sisters, once again we thank you so very much for assembling tonight and allowing me to talk to you. We love you far beyond expression of words.

And Namaste and good night.

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