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6-6-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

6-6-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Good Evening, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is again such a joy for me to be here to come together in our Communion of the Hearts and to feel these high-vibrational energies coming into the planet. And to feel how you feel while they’re coming in. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, this is something that has taken us a long time, in terms of your linear time, to get to that place where the energies feel the way that they do right now. And of course, we are just at the beginning of the summertime. And usually in the summertime is when some of these really high-vibrational portals and gateways start to open for us. And it’ll be no different this year with the eclipses happening in July and August. 

So, we know that a lot of you read the Truther News and various other channels and researchers giving their opinions about where we are with the Alliance making all of their moves, putting all of their plans into place.  But, Dear Beloved Ones, it is the same as ever for us, because we know deep in our hearts, really, our only Mission is to keep on each and every day raising the level of our vibration. And then just giving it up to how everything is in Divine Order and in Divine Timing. 

And we’re sure that you remember just a little while ago in your linear time how you felt. And now you’re starting to feel much lighter with these energies coming in. And perhaps your thoughts are changing, your perceptions of reality are changing from day to day, maybe from even quicker than that.  And this is really a wondrous time on your planet, Dear Beloved Ones, because the Truth is being made manifest. 

And within that Truth, there is the beauty of Love being the highest vibrational force. Because this Truth allows us to come together and to really understand what has been going on. And to feel such compassion with all of us who have been affected by the lies and deceits that have pretty much run the reality on Planet Earth for these past 13,000 years. But through the commitment of people such as yourselves coming back on this planet at this particular time to raise the level of the vibration, everything is changing right now. 

And we just ask you to even be more patient and loving with yourself every day and to feel and be the Love and Light that you are. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, Love is perseverance and allowing yourself to be the witness with compassion about where your journey takes you from day to day, even from minute to minute, and not judging it, but letting it be. Letting yourself be the Love and Light that you are.

And now let us join together and me bi-locating my paw to each of you and forming a circle here. And of course, with our breathing and with the Power of our Thoughts, we’re rising up and jettisoning off of the planet, off of the surface, into the atmosphere. And rising up to the layers of the ships and coming upon my ship, the Nibiru. And opening up the bottom of the ship and popping through it. And hovering in the airlock as the landing deck closes beneath us. And now just touching down and walking back to the elevator here.

Yes, Dear Beloved Ones, this is such a familiar journey here on my ship. And fully intact, our circle going into the elevator and feeling the power lift us up into the top room here, the Crystal Room. Opening the elevator and feeling and seeing and communing with all of these very familiar beings and the familiar energies of the crystals within the room. And as we assemble around the altar forming our circle, perhaps you’re feeling the touch of an ancestor or even a Mentor at this time, or hearing words whispered into your ear or maybe even smelling a scent that is familiar to you that means something, maybe reminds you of a certain person. And as we assemble, the Mentors ring around us and the other beings who have joined us from various ships ring around also.

And now just breathing into the heart and allowing this energy to travel through the circles, to travel up from the bottom of the room into the ceiling, spiraling the energies up, down, around and through. And just letting ourselves breathe into it and lighten up in these high vibrations which represent all of the different dimensions. And feeling the Peace and Love that is our natural place and position to be, Dear Beloved Ones. And feeling these energies circling around back into our hearts as we continue to send them out. 

And now focusing our visions of the Announcements, of the Cosmic Blast on our crystal on the altar that we have assembled around. And allowing ourselves to feel this endless ease and grace and harmony with all of the different components of these higher dimensions visiting us. Opening our hearts up wide to these feelings coming in from all over the cosmos. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, as you know, this isn’t just a Meditation of the people on your planet.  It is a Meditation all over Creation to raise the level of the vibration on your planet to Ascend because it will affect the whole of Creation. And you are in so many beings’ Loving thoughts these days as you come upon the finish line.

And now focusing our energies and sending them into the crystal, and up and through the opening in the ceiling of the ship. And sending them down into your planet. And we’re following them right there. And spiraling this Golden White LoveLight Energy all around your planet from the surface, underneath it and all the way up and down and around and through every particle of your planet. And opening our hearts more and more to these high vibrations that are coming into the planet at this time. And sending them into the hearts of all of the beings on the planet and all of the kingdoms on your Beloved Planet. 

And now let us make the intention to open up the minds and hearts of everyone on this planet. Because there are still people that are holding on to the belief that the people on your planet aren’t ready for true, open Disclosure, what a lot of people are calling Hard Disclosure. And we don’t see that to be the case at all, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.
We know that part of our Mission here is helping everyone through this Cosmic Blast. And when this blast of energy happens, it is going to be very much a Divine Activation of all of the different parts of your being, but particularly the hookup in the right lobe of your brain, these parts that have been mutated by the negative energies of the AI working through these off-world species with their intent of dumbing you down to make it so much easier for them to control you. And that no longer is going to be the case.

And once people that haven’t awakened yet, awaken with this Cosmic Blast, they will be oh so ready, as you have been for these many, many years of you doing your work and your Meditations. And naturally, you guys will be the teachers to so many that are just starting to wake up. And this will feel so very familiar to you. Some of you, it won’t even feel like you’re teaching at all but just having conversations with acquaintances, family or friends.
But it’ll still be such a wonderful feeling, because now it will be a Communion of the Heart instead of a gigantic test about trying to get through the other person’s judgment. There won’t be those judgments. There won’t be that fear any more, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. They’ll be the openness to feel more and more of the Love that has been experienced within the Cosmic Blast.
And you, Dear Beloved Ones, you’ve already been awakened for quite a long time. And so when this Cosmic Blast happens, this will be a Joyous Event for you and will give you much more insights into what this preparation time for the acceleration of the Ascension will be like for yourselves. And then you can finally integrate the Light Chamber Programs that will enable you to ascend.

So just spiraling this energy again and again up and through and around the planet here, and the hearts of all of these Dear Beloved Beings and into the kingdoms again and again. And let us feel such gratitude at being able to come together like this and having reached this place with all the help of all of the beings from the totality of Creation. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, there is no separation. And you’re going to come to that full knowledge of how broad that definition, that meaning is, the closer and closer that you come to your Ascensions. Because the higher you will go into the dimensions, the more Unity you will feel, the more peace, the more grace, such joyous and wondrous feelings.

And now, let us go into North America once again and shine this Golden White LoveLight of the Christ Consciousness Energy on these underground tunnels, this network of these bases that are all connected together. And first, we’re going to start going vertically from the atmosphere to the surface and under the ground into the bases. And spiraling this energy up, down, around and through. 

And now I’m asking you to pick a point where you’re going to enter this network. And we’re going to spiral the energy horizontally through the tunnels, through the bases, these honeycomb bases that have a multitude of secrets and different compartments in there, some having to do with advanced technology, some with armaments, some with gold, advanced healing technologies, you name it. Anything that the cabal wanted to keep secret from us to control us to still have power over us is to be found in these underground bases.

And now just shining and spiraling this energy all throughout, from Mexico all the way through the US into Canada here. And feeling the energy let go bit by bit, ‘cause the controls down there, they aren’t as strong as they once were.  And perhaps you can feel this. And now sending the LoveLight to all of these Beloved Beings who have been trapped in these bases of this vast network that has taken and affected so many lives. And of course, many of these people are still thought to be missing. And this is where they have ended up. And sending them our Love and our Compassion right into their Heart Centers. And we’re telling them that they have not been forgotten, and that they are so honored for the sacrifices that they have made with their Soul Contracts. And that now, they are also very close to their time of liberation. And feeling such Love and Joy in this Now Moment so that they may feel it too. And raise the level of the vibration for the All That Is now. 

Dear Beloved Ones, this has been a much-anticipated journey on our part. And we thank you so much for your efforts in accomplishing our Mission in a very wonderful way. And again, we say to you that you are so honored for all of the work that you are doing on yourselves and for the planet at this time. 

Dear Beloved Ones, Namaste and good night.

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