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6/27/2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

6/27/2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

Again we are in a very pleasurable mood to be here with all of you tonight in our Communion heart-to- heart. It is such a wondrous time with the energies filling up your planet with so much Love and Light and consideration in every moment for the choices that you make. And yes, we believe we have a question tonight. And that question is: Why aren’t those who refuse to give it up to the Light taken off of this planet? Why are they allowed to stay and continue their evil actions? And of course, their choice is to stay in the darkness. And we’re asking you to look at this from the perspective of Heaven honors everyone’s Free Will Choices.

Now some of these dark players are hybrid Reptilians. But are they any less God than you and I or any being of Creation that has emanated from the Consciousness of Creator Source? No, they are not! And these beings who are playing out their probabilities within the construct of these dark energies, they are being allowed to see just how the choices that they are making and have made and the continuation of those choices have resulted in all throughout this very long timeline that they have been participating in actions of darkness. And so, now things are coming to a head. 

And yes, we, the beings that are connected with the Company of Heaven, because you have raised the level of Love and Light on this planet to such a degree that exists today, we have been given more, well you could say, wiggle room to exercise your Free Will Choices such as making sure that your planet doesn’t get blown up by nuclear weapons. And we can’t tell you how many times that we’ve had to take advantage of this dispensation that we’ve been given to be able to do that. It’s been quite a large number over these last thirty years or so when the Harmonic Convergence emerged to change your reality in a very significant way and really provide the push forward into that marker year at the end of 2012, the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere where you guys surpassed that marker. And now we have been in overdrive, if you will, with you on this meditation of manifesting this Golden Age.

We ask you to put yourself just for a moment in the place of these dark players. Because what are they going to learn? They can keep on continuing to refuse to see how their choices have created a very dubious, questionable reality for themselves. Because it’s like from our perspective, they’ve painted themselves into a corner. Because they are no longer able to manipulate with secrets and deception and brute force because the level of Love and Light on your planet has grown to such a significant level where things are variously transparent. And invariably people’s attitudes start to change.

And even with the amount of disinformation going on, people can still, if they are Heart Centered, if they are inside of their body and breathing into their Heart Centers, can discern what resonates with them and what they want to give energy to. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, we are all creating this thing together. And even though you may perceive that the dark ones have way too much energy still, we ask you once again to be patient. Because what we see on our side is the coming together of various factions that are working for the Light and working with the Ashtar Command, are coming together to create this Golden Age to firmly anchor it in to your planet.

So, I hope that answers the question. And any comment?

DJ:  Mother Sekhmet, thank you so very much. I really appreciate that information.  And just yesterday, I was addressing these ones who are still wanting to rule over, and I was encouraging them to give it up and come to the Light. I said all you’re doing is tightening the noose around your own neck. Give it up. Come home. I appreciate that. Thank you.

MS:  You’re so very welcome.

And, ah, just breathing into the Heart Center here and let us form our circle now and I’m bi-locating my paw to each and every one of you. And then with your other hand, reach out to the person next to you and let us come together, breathing into our hearts, sending this energy around the circle.  And with the power of our thoughts and the action of our breathing, lifting up off the surface of your planet into the atmosphere. And at the speed of thought, powering right through the layers of ships way above the planet to my Mother Ship, the Nibiru. And now opening up this bottom layer here and popping through it and hovering in the airlock and letting it close. And now touching down and walking right on back toward the elevator there, the one we always use. And going right up on through all of the different floors of my ship. And now stopping right at the top, opening the doors and with our circle intact, coming into this room.

And feeling the wondrous, Beloved Energies of all of these Dear Beloved Beings of Love and Light who are joining us tonight to do this meditation and, of course, the Mentors, many different people from the ships, your ancestors, different Ascended Masters all throughout the Company of Heaven. And now let us assemble right around our Beloved Alter here. And as we do, the rest of these beings forming outer circles with the Mentors right around us and then different beings around them. And now sending this Love and Light all through the circles, the outer circles, all through the room up from the floor to the ceiling, spiraling it in, and around, and through.  

And feeling all of the different dimensions of reality that are represented in these layers of crystals. And letting yourself fully feel the joy, the wonder, the gladness of feeling this Oneness with all of the Beloved Beings here and this Oneness with all of Creation. And truly connecting with those sensations of feeling the Love and Light that you are, that part of you, Dear Beloved Ones that is the Godhead. 

And with your breathing, just allowing yourself to relax, to let go of all of the pressures, any expectations and to be as a child tonight, to be free, to allow yourself to fully be at Zero Point in this Now Moment. This is such a glorious place of manifestation. And it is one of ease and grace, of effortlessness. Because it fully takes into account the Love that is being bestowed upon us by Creator Source at this time for monumental change on your planet. Because ultimately the Mission is to feel no separation at all with Creator Source and to be able to let ourselves rise through all of these higher dimensions whenever we wish. And this is the way of Ascension, Beloved Beings. And this is where your journey is headed. 

So now focusing your visions for what this Golden Age, what this Cosmic Blast will entail for you and help you to create, and all of the Divine Provisions of NESARA, sending them your Love and your Light, sending them your magic and activating it with our breath into our hearts. And now we’re all joining together to focus on this crystal in the middle of our altar here and sending it, blasting it up through the opening in the ceiling of my ship and projecting it on a proper trajectory right on to the surface of your planet and following it there so we can spiral this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy all up, down and around and through your planet to raise the level of the vibration even higher and higher.

And we give our intentions for everyone and all of the kingdoms on your planet to integrate these energies with the remembrance of Divine Union within the four bodies of their being with their I AM Presence, with that part of them that is the Godhead. And allowing ourselves to be at this Point of Zero. And to just feel the glorious energies coming into our hearts at this time. And shining them forth in this spiral overtaking the planet here.  And spinning out anything negative, anything less than Love, any of the secrets, the deceptions, the corruptions, the manipulations that are against the Truth and the Spirit of the Oneness of who we all really are as part of the Godhead conducting this meditation in unison with one another at this Most Blessed Time on your planet. 

And so, once again, let us go to the Northern Hemisphere here and to these underground bases because we still see so much darkness being allowed to be hidden out of sight and to keep the practices of this cabal and these dark beings hidden from the majority of people on your planet. So, let us start vertically above the surface from the atmosphere and now going down into the surface, underneath the surface into these tunnels into all of these underground bases, penetrating all of the different honeycomb layers underneath the surface, all of these places where secret technologies and armaments and treasures and the AI itself are locked away to conduct their very nefarious deeds out of sight from us.
And now turning this energy around to project it horizontally, picking out a starting point of the tunnels. And of course, this network reaches all the way from Mexico through the United States, up into Canada. And now shining it forth, going through all of the tunnels with this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. And burning out, using this energy, this Golden White Light, as a laser to burn out any of the secrets, any of the darkness, any of this weaponry that is highly advanced to be used against the planet and Humanity. And raising all of these energies with this Golden White Light into the highest frequencies of Love and Light.

And now shining into the Heart Centers of all of the people that have been sequestered here who have been made into slaves. And some of them are just children and some of them are your age or even older. And shining this LoveLight right into their hearts and telling them that they are not forgotten for the sacrifices that they have made by fulfilling their life contracts, by being a slave down here. Because it is only with them playing through these scenarios that people on the surface have been able to bring it to the attention of the rest of Humanity. And now so many people are waking up with the Truth of how this cabal, all of these dark players, these bad actors, if you will, have been allowed to take power on the planet with all of these secret rituals and very dark deeds that they have commenced in the name of their overlords of the darkness. 

And now we say to all of these Beloved Children who have made the ultimate sacrifice by being the target of these very dark rituals that they are not forgotten, and they are supremely loved by each and every one of us. And that Heaven awaits them to give them their Reward for them to manifest their Ascension at this time of crossing over into the Light and being freed from all of these dark energies and limitations that they have experienced in this lifetime.

Dear Beloved Ones, we honor you and cherish you for all of your meditations, for the Love and Light that you are, that you continuously commit to the Light to bring in, to anchor in this Golden Age. And remember we are only one call away. We are with you all of the time. And call us in whenever you like for Love and Support, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. We love you far beyond all expression of words.

Namaste and good night.

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