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6-6-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

6-6-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening. Ah, what a marvelous time this is. And we know that many of you are still struggling in various ways from your day-to-day activities. And maybe you are not quite convinced about how close you are to bringing about the Announcements and a rise into the 5th Dimension. But Dear Beloved Ones, each moment holds the promise of us raising the level of the vibration with our breathing, with communing with nature, with just allowing ourselves to let go and relax. 

No matter what the challenges are from day to day, these energies that are coming into your planet, we feel make it much easier for you to truly realize that you are being so supported at this time by the Company of Heaven.  Because these vibrations, the more that come in and the more that you can integrate them within the four bodies of your being, the closer that your time comes into integrating this 5th Dimension so that you’ll never have to come back into duality again. And we know that you’ve gone through so many lifetimes to be able to be at this place. So allow yourself to feel this wonder, this grace within your heart in this Now Moment. And just breathe into it and allow yourself to expand it all throughout the four bodies of your being, throughout your energy fields and to shine it all over the planet here.

And no matter what area of the planet you are in, you can raise the level of the vibration so much just with the level of your consciousness, with the level of Love and Light that you are sharing at this moment. No matter what your challenges are, no matter what your sorrows, no matter what type of glitches that you are feeling within your relationships. And perhaps thinking that someone will never change. See, Dear Beloved Ones, that that is really no concern of yours. The only thing that we can change is ourselves in letting the amount of the Love and Light come in and allowing ourselves to be in this very harmonious flow of these raised energies at this time.

Your Beloveds, they will make their own way. And during the Cosmic Blast, they will choose how they will integrate this energy, how they will connect up the dots for themselves to carry themselves further in the high vibrations. Or to just pull back and keep themselves in the lower vibrations because that is all they feel that they are ready for. And of course, you know that there is no judgment happening, that everyone is free to choose what they feel will be best for themselves. 

But, Dear Beloved Ones, you on this call, and everyone listening to it later, have all made your choice of wanting to ascend. And for you it has been a marvelous journey, even though that there have been bumps in the road. And sometimes you look back, and you look at the bumps, you look at the challenges, the times that you felt really low. 

And you say to yourself, “Well you know. I’ve moved on. I’ve found a way through that quagmire. And now I am in a higher place. And now I feel so much Love and support from the Universe. And I know we’re getting close. And yes, my mind keeps searching for signs, for proof. But really in this Now Moment, it is really how I feel. And it is so much different from even a short while ago. And all I really have to do is just breathe into my heart and let these energies come in.”

And Dear Beloved Ones, this is such a Divine Gift and one that all of the Lightworkers on the planet have come together in their meditations, in their clearings to enable these high vibrations to come into the planet. First to let us pass the marker of 2012, and then bring in these tighter intervals of higher vibrations. And where we are at now is truly unprecedented in the way that it is coming into your planet.

And so instead of feeling weariness and despondency of any sort, we ask you to feel Joy and Celebration. And to celebrate your own perseverance and patience because they are commensurate with the amount of Love that you are pouring forth in your meditations day-to-day, Dear Beloved Ones. And allowing yourself once again to be conscious of who you really are. And making more of a bridge to your I AM Presence. And you will truly feel your I AM Presence during this Cosmic Blast, Dear Beloved Ones. And I know some of you truly look forward to that. And that will be such a wonderful feeling for all of you.

And once again we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for allowing us to be a part of this Communion and this Meditation.

Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, and good night.

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