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6/20/2018, Mary Magdalene, by Eli Galla

6/20/2018, Mary Magdalene, by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening. Once again it is our pleasure and a thrill for us to be here with you and the feeling of this LoveLight still within our hearts after Mother Sekhmet’s meditation. I feel that you have anchored it in within the four bodies of your being. And Dear Beloved Ones, this is really the basis of our Mission at this particular time in your evolution, to be anchoring in this LoveLight so that you multiply it throughout the course of your day, breath by breath, minute by minute, no matter what the demands of your daily routine may place on you, no matter what you are going through in your relationships, in your work environment, energetically with what you’re feeling coming with the waves of energy coming into the planet. 

And you having to deal with how sometimes it may feel really overwhelming to you. And these are the times where we ask you to allow yourself to let go and just breathe into the heart and quiet your mind by focusing on your heart with your third eye, the Pineal and the Pituitary Gland connection. And just feeling this energy coming through and letting go to it. And not expecting anything, not trying to do anything, but just allowing yourself to be, to be this energy of the Love that you are in this Now Moment. And this in and of itself is such a treasured Gift because when we’re able to do this, we are no longer upon -- of the illusion of this hologram that we created to test ourselves within duality. 

We have, or you, and I consider myself to be a part of this because I had to graduate the test that I created within myself of duality in order to ascend.  And right now, you’re going through the same thing. You’re going through this process of raising the LoveLight as these higher frequencies of energy come in to you continuously, wave after wave, and the waves coming closer and closer together, lifting you all up. And yes, you’re learning how not to resist but to letting go to its rhythm and timing and its flow of energy by being Heart Centered.

And as Mother Sekhmet has said so many times when she’s come in to do her mediations that it takes courage to be Heart Centered. And we find that for many of you, to remind yourself that this physical reality is only an illusion that is all a hologram and that the Real Truth of who you are is Love. And that you can bring in as much of this Unconditional, Universal Love with your breathing through your Heart Center as you like. It just requires your attention and your focus. You’re allowing yourself to be in the Now Moment. And if you meditate with others like we are doing right now, whether it be in your family or with some of your friends who also want to raise the level of the vibration on your planet, that is very wondrous, because that creates an exponential dynamic, more like a tsunami of the LoveLight energy than just one lone current or one lone ripple resonating throughout all of Creation.
Dear Beloved Ones, we know that this has been a long journey, and we’re not just talking about this present lifetime. We’re talking about all of the lifetimes, even the ones before this duality cycle started, this time of the mutation of your DNA and being harnessed in the density of duality the way that you’ve been. And having this amnesia after a while when you come into your physical bodies and basically from lifetime to lifetime, you’ve had to relearn everything.
But now with the new children coming in, they come in with no karma and a much broader connection to who they really are. And so, these children deserve our Love and our Prayers of Support for them to realize and to let go and to have their true nature nurtured at this time, so they can develop very rapidly and be the leaders of the Golden Age. This is the central focus of most of all of their Soul Contracts in this lifetime. So perhaps you can see this with your grandchildren, with children that you come in contact with who are of this age. And you feel their energy be of this frequency of the high vibrations. And just taking a moment to breathe into their hearts and send them the LoveLight. And by doing so, you’re rejuvenating and intensifying your own LoveLight Energy.
And it is funny how that works, isn’t it? Because to get Love, well what can be better than to give Love and to have that cycle become continuous? And it soon shall be on your planet, because the connection heart-to-heart with everyone on your planet after the Cosmic Blast comes in, there won’t be -- no going back. And it’ll be very wonderful for you to have that level of intimacy with each and every person. Lies won’t be possible at that place of connection heart to heart.

And this will allow us really to be able to express ourselves as the Love and Light that we are with one another. And this also will accelerate our Ascension Process. And that is our destination, and all of us will have -- and I consider myself to be part of this because I feel what you’re going through. And your Ascensions are going to affect me and the rest of the Mentors and all of Creation, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. So imagine, if you will, how joyous a time it is for all of us Mentors to be here with you whenever you call. We’re right there with you to be assisting you in your journey toward your Ascension. 

We love you, Brothers and Sisters. We are so very happy and grateful for the work that you do on these meditations and each and every day through your daily routines. We love you beyond expression of all words. 

Namaste and good night.

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