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6/20/18, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

6/20/18, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening. We thank you so much for being here tonight and coming together in this Communion of our Hearts. And it is a day before this most wondrous event of your Solstice. Now most of you are in the Northern Hemisphere and this is your summer Solstice. And in any event, this is a very momentous occasion because it is a gateway into very high dimensions. And we would say at this time, the possibility and even the probability for some of you to be able to go through basically all of the dimensions, exist because of this influx of really intensive high-vibrational energy that’s coming in from Creator Source.

And this gets augmented by the photonic energy because, as you know, you are moving through space and going to a different location where the energy signature is really very different. And this is allowing us progressively to go into and anchor it into your Beloved Planet the Golden Age. And yes, a lot of people call it the New Earth, but it is basically a change in scenery and a change very much so in vibration. And so, let us come together in these meditations to raise the level of the vibrations and place our focus on these intentional requirements that we have for creating the reality in the Now Moment so that when the vibrations, when the attraction becomes strong enough, it can actually manifest in our material plane, or the 3rd Dimensional physical reality.

And a day such as the peak of when this energy comes in, which will be tomorrow, is allowing us even more facility and being able to tap into these high-vibrational energies to create the reality that we’ve been calling forth for a very long time. And of course, you know that our main concern here in getting back to the 5th Dimension is the Announcements of NESARA or GESARA. And also within that same time frame, to bring in this Cosmic Blast of energy from the Central Sun pouring in through our Solar Sun and onto our planet and being absorbed by our hearts to lift us up once and for all back again into the 5th Dimension. And this will be our basic beginning with really intensifying our focus on Ascension. And at this point of the Cosmic Blast coming in, this is when you all can start working with Mentors to prepare for being in the Light Chambers and them carrying you through the very final stages of Ascension.
So with that being said, let us join together in our circle. I’m bi-locating my paw out to you. And then reaching out with your other hand to a person on the call and forming this circle and allowing ourselves to let go and relax and just breathe into the heart. And with the Power of our Breathing, allowing ourselves to be Light. And just lift off the surface of your planet, going up into the atmosphere at the speed of thought here and up through the layers of the ships until we get to my ship, the Nibiru.

And now I’m opening up the bottom of the ship. And we are coming through with our circle intact, hovering above this landing deck and the airlock. And now it’s closing, and we’re touching down and walking on back to the elevator here. And entering it and pushing the button. And it’s zooming us right up into the Crystal Room here. And now opening it and we can feel ourselves being overtaken by these very high vibrations of the Crystal Room and all of the Beloved Beings including your ancestors who are joining us tonight for this very special meditation. 

And recognizing the Mentors and all of the Beloved Beings from the different ships who have been regulars. We’re seeing a couple of new faces also which is also very wonderful for us. And your ancestors, as you feel a chill on the back of your neck or a touch or something being whispered in your ear, even a smell that may be a sign to you that your ancestors are right here with you and giving you the love and the appreciation for all that you’re doing.

And now forming this circle around our Beloved Alter, us being in the innermost circle and the Mentors ringing around us and the rest of the room in the outer circles. And just breathing into the Heart Center and sending it around our circle and then out to the outer circles, all through the room from the floor to the ceiling, spiraling this energy up, down, around and through.
And feeling all of the different vibrations, allowing us to rise up and bringing us more and more into this place of knowingness, of being at Zero Point, of letting go of all of the old programming. And allowing us to be totally in this Now Moment to focus our intentional requirements on what we envision our meditations accomplishing for the whole and for our individual selves, Brothers and Sisters. Just breathing into the Heart Center and sending your visions, your intentional requirements right into this gigantic crystal on the altar here. 

And feeling the warmth in your heart, the expansion of energy all throughout the four bodies of your being. And feeling the Love and Light that you are in every subatomic particle of your being now. And now sending all of our Love and Light into the crystal and shooting this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy through the opening in the ceiling. And projecting it down onto your Beloved Blue Orb of Mother Gaia and being right with it, following it down there. And moving through the atmosphere, through the layers of the ships and coming onto the surface of your planet.
And spiraling this energy all the way from the North Pole up, down and around and through the planet, spiraling this Golden White Light Energy to the other pole, the South Pole. And just breathing into it and letting this energy of high-vibrational Love and Light, the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, penetrate all of the DNA of the Beloved Humans, all of the Animal Kingdom and the other kingdoms. And feeling this Christ Consciousness illuminate all of the planet in this LoveLight. 

And sending this energy into the hearts of all of the children on the planet with the intention of letting them know that no matter what their reality consists of at this point, that they are One with Creator Source. And they are always One and never separate. And that they can plug into this Christ Consciousness Energy by breathing into their Heart Center any time that they wish to. And they don’t need anyone to do it for them. 

And this is their place of calmness, of knowingness, of being centered and staying out of fear and anxiety, no matter what is happening in their physical realities. But allowing themselves to know that they are much more than just their physical bodies or their emotions and thoughts, that they have a spiritual part of their being that is always connected to Creator Source. And that this is where the Unconditional, Universal Love that they are pours into them if they allow it in every moment and allows them to feel and be the power of the Love that they are.

And yes, going over to North America right now at the border of Mexico and the United States. And focusing our energy on the situation with the children being separated from their parents and having to take care of one another and being in this very low vibrational energy of being placed in cages, of being made to feel like they are the enemy, criminals. And that is not the Truth.  We are all equal. We are all One. And sending them this message that they are loved and that they are Love within the four bodies of their being and that the illusion within this hologram of physical reality is not the Truth of who they really are. That it is just a Test. And that they are not alone because so many of us are feeling the pain of their perceived separation and the judgments seemingly that the government has placed upon them, or who has ever been in control of locking them up in these cages.

And now, we’re going to send the energy to this underground network. And starting from above it, from Mexico through the United States into Canada.  Starting from the atmosphere, spiraling the Golden White Love Light up, down, around and through, vertically first, to reach down into all of the tunnels, all of the bases underground. And many of these bases are located under very well-known places, such as the focal points in Washington, DC, the Getty Museums in California, the airport in Denver. 

And now taking this energy into the tunnels and spiraling it in a horizontal way to go all up and down these tunnels, starting -- and just picking out a starting point where you want to begin. And spiraling the energy through the bases, through the tunnels that connect all of them. And continuously breathing into the Heart Center, bringing in this LoveLight. And removing it in a counterclockwise direction, all of the negativity, the lower vibrations, the negative programming, the mutations of the AI that have mutated our DNA.

And yes, these bases are honeycomb chambers being underground. And allowing the LoveLight energy to go into each and every one of them, and removing all of this negative energy that has been holding in place the ritual sacrifices, the secrets of secret armaments being down there, the hoarding of wealth and treasures and slaves to carry out these blood sacrifices that continue to give the cabal, these very dark players, their infusions of very dark energy.  And these ritual sacrifices allow them to cheat the Laws of Physics, the Laws of Nature, to a certain degree.
But that time is now at an end for these dark players because all over the planet, the consciousness has risen to a point where the LoveLight has become so dominant that the gateways are opening up more and more. And the connection into the Central Sun from all over Creation of the photon energy lining up to blast through to carry us into the 5th Dimension has been accumulating in an ever-increasing rhythm and timing that brings it more and more into the probability of manifesting in our 3rd Dimensional reality. 

So now, transmuting all of this energy that we have removed in the tunnels, in the underground bases, by once again going through horizontally and spiraling this energy in whatever direction feels appropriate to you. 

And Dear Beloved Ones, it has been our pleasure to be with you tonight to once again do our meditation and Commune with you heart-to-heart. We thank you so very much.

Namaste and good night.

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