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5-30-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

5-30-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good Evening. Once again it is such a joy and a pleasure for me to be with you, joined in our Communion of the Hearts with one another. And as these Blessed Moments in Time roll on, and they unfold in such a miraculous way to bring about the changes that we have all been meditating and praying for and envisioning these many years of your time in your linear reality. We feel a breath of fresh air taking over and enveloping the planet. Because, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we are rising up in frequency to the level now where it is possible for so many who have been sleepwalking, so many who have been operating in that low level of survival-oriented fear to come alive, to really be in their Heart Centers and to feel themselves rise on up in vibration. 

And this is the beginning of them in realizing that they are interdimensional beings and that just by anchoring their energy in their Heart Center, that they can expand their consciousness to very wonderful and deep levels that they haven’t experienced before. And also, part of this, when these people are waking up, as we have had to learn for ourselves, is that we are supported. That each of us have a team that we are working with, with the Mentors or I AM Presence, with our Guidance Team who have been with us from the get-go, all of our incarnations, and the Angels and Ascended Masters who have assembled in various configurations to help us push on through this last part of our Ascension Protocols into rising up into these high frequencies where once again we will completely anchor in and re-familiarize ourselves with being totally in the Oneness of the higher dimensions. And not allowing ourselves to go back into the density of duality again.

And of course, this is where we come in as teachers. Dear Beloved Ones, because this is where the Power of our Realizations of our Heart Centeredness really take off. And they bridge the gaps to all of these dead and blank spaces that people feel when their egos have controlled them. And their thoughts just run rampant in these lower vibrations of fear and separation.  And that will be no more. And so the people that are waking up, they will want to integrate that. And seeing that you all have integrated this particular dynamic in living Heart-Centered Lifestyles and doing your meditations and your prayers and becoming your Compassionate Observer that you will be able to help so many.

And once this Cosmic Blast happens, you will utterly be shining in the LoveLight. And so many of these people that are just waking up, they will be attracted to you like you are a magnet. Because at that point, Brothers and Sisters, you will hold a key to them to help them really solve their puzzle about why they are here and what their purpose is by giving them support, love and kindness. Now even though they know what the bigger picture is from having heard the Truth at the time of the Announcements, of the Cosmic Blast, that your loving guidance and support looking at them eye to eye will be such a reassuring, graceful and beautiful component of them marching on through their Ascension Protocols.

And that will be totally in alignment with them working with their Mentors.  So we as the Mentors ask you to consider these things and to realize that this will be really a wonderful and golden part of your journey. And that there won’t be from this moment on after the Cosmic Blast any recriminations of each and every one of us telling the Truth and sharing our hearts with one another. 

And so, let us join together, my paw extended to you, bi-locating it to each and every one of you in this marvelous group. And reaching out your other hand and forming a circle here. And with the Power of our Breathing rising right on up, up through the atmosphere into the rarified space where all the ships are and coming upon my ship. And now seeing the bottom of it open wide.  And popping through this opening and hovering above the landing deck while it closes. And now coming down, touching down and making our way with our circle intact into the elevator on this other side of this room. And popping right on up all the way through my ship to the top floor. And now opening up the doors and coming out. 

And feeling the joyous welcome of all of these Beloved Beings of the LoveLight who have ascended. And yes, some of them are your ancestors who may make contact with you, a whisper in the ear or a touch on the shoulder, whatever it may be. And of course, looking at the faces of the Mentors and all of the other beings who have been regular participants in these meditations for really, some of them for a long time and some of them have joined quite recently. Because it took them awhile to realize just what was really going on here when we assembled. And that it will push through their Mission even faster by their participation in these meditations. So, they are very lovingly assembled with us tonight. 

And now gathering around the altar with our circle intact and outer circles forming with the Mentors and the other beings, our ancestors. And feeling this energy go heart-to-heart in a spiral and now all throughout and up this wondrous room with all of the crystals. Feeling the high vibrations and frequencies that these crystals hold from all of the different dimensions within Creation. And just spiraling this energy up and down, allowing our hearts to fill up with it. And spiraling it through the circles, allowing ourselves to feel it come in through our hearts and feel the Oneness of all of our energies combined, coming together right now as we shine them on this crystal on our Beloved Altar here.

And our intentions, Dear Beloved Ones, are for liberation of Mother Gaia. It is time for her journey to skyrocket up into the higher vibrations here and to let the humans on earth become the stewards of this Beloved Planet. And keeping it in the rarified atmosphere of the higher vibrations and returning it to the Garden of Eden once again. And feeling this Love, bring a smile to your faces, joy into our hearts. And now, shooting it out to the top of the ceiling of my ship. There’s a little opening there. And it’s just shooting right through it and targeting your Beloved Blue Orb of Mother Gaia. And of course, we’re right there with it, going through the layers of the ships into the atmosphere and onto to the surface. 

And spiraling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy from the tip of the planet, the North Pole, down to the Antarctic. And all in and around and through every particle, every subatomic particle of your planet, filling it with these high vibrations, affecting the hearts of all the Beloved Humans and all of the kingdoms on your planet. 

And keep on spiraling it in this way up and down and around and through. And feel these Beloved Energies of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness multiply exponentially as we are doing this. And knowing there is no limit to the amount of Joy and Love that we can feel in this Now Moment and share with the rest of the planet.

And now we’re going to focus on this part of Europe that is the City/State of London. It really has a lot of history with the financial conquest and domination of your planet. And as you may have been hearing, that on that side of the pond there have been various Missions to root out these dark energies in underground bases. And they have been famously successful. And right now, it is our intention to shine the LoveLight all throughout these fabled institutions in London, through their Parliament, through their 10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister’s residence is and throughout all of the underground bases that exist in that most-esteemed city. 

And starting from the surface, vertically going down underneath the surface.  And now spiraling the energy horizontally through that nation’s network of underground bases connected by tunnels. And feeling this energy zoom in and out, removing the darkness, transmuting it into the Golden White LoveLight of the Christ Consciousness Energy. And feeling ourselves and the planet and all of the Beloved Kingdoms of the planet uplifted now into these energies of the 5th Dimension and beyond.
And now scooting across the pond to North America and to our underground bases here. And of course, starting from Mexico all the way through the United States into the populated regions of Canada. And first, spiraling the energy vertically from the atmosphere to the surface and underground to these bases. And doing this a few times, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Having all of these energies come in sync with one another to raise the level of the vibration of these underground bases by removing all of the secrets, the deceptions, the lies, the black magic, the terminals that house the AI. 

And now going underneath and spiraling the energy horizontally starting all the way from Mexico through the United States, through Canada and going back and forth through the tunnels, making sure we hit all of the different honeycomb chambers of these underground bases. And removing all of the ill intent that the cabal have placed in what they consider the sacrosanct hiding places where they have felt that they were untouchable for so, so very long.  And that when the catastrophes above ground happen, and they have finally won, that they would triumphantly be enthroned in these magnificent chambers that they had erected for themselves.

Well that is not to be the case because the secrets and deceptions and the dark black magic energies are coming up for cleaning at this time so that the planet, Dear Beloved Mother Gaia, can ascend. And we too who have been given the Divine Decree of our Ascensions while still fully conscious in our bodies, we are thriving within the Light and the Love of who we are as a part of the Godhead in this very moment, Brothers and Sisters.

And so once more unleashing these high frequencies of Love and Light. And shining them there right now into the Heart Centers of all of the people who have been held against their will, whether they are adults or children, whether they have been taken to places of human sacrifices and rituals and very dark ceremonies that have tainted their energy and stripped them down into low-vibrational realities. We shine the LoveLight into their hearts to enable them to rise once again and become Heart Centered in this Now Moment. And even the disembodied spirits who have been too afraid to cross over to the other side, we’re shining the LoveLight onto them at this time to enable them to cross over to the other side and take their rightful place in Heaven. 

And so, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we congratulate you on coming together in the Spirit of Oneness, of Harmony, of Joy, in the Rhythm of our Liberation in performing such a marvelous Meditation at this time. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Namaste and good night.

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