Thursday, January 3, 2019

1-2-19 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

1-2-19 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, it is our honor and privilege to be with you at this very special time and, yes, a New Year, new opportunities. But on your planet, waves of high-vibe energy have been coming in and bombarding your Beloved Planet and making it ever so obvious to us, and perhaps not just yourselves but all of the other beings on your Beloved Planet, that there’s a lot energetically changing now. That these high vibes are enabling different things to come to completion on your Beloved Planet.

And just breathing into the Heart Center now and sending the energy once again around your circle and once again allowing ourselves to feel this Oneness, the Joy, this Ease, Grace and Harmony, which these high vibrations bring in at such a higher level. Because the higher that you go in the dimensions, the more Love and Light that you feel and the more Oneness that you feel. 

And you get these downloads and encodements of how everything is inter-connected and perhaps you’d just be breathing into your heart centers and the answers will come to you. They’ll be downloaded into your consciousness about what you need to do in the course of that day, or in the moment, to solve a problem, to create the reality that you are asking the Universe to help you bring in and manifest it on your Beloved Planet.

You know for all of us this has been a Beloved, Divine Journey that has stretched out for thousands of years. And now, we can feel that it is coming into this place where the energies are coming together and raising up the level of the vibration to a level that we feel that we’re very close to bringing you and your Beloved Planet into this next phase of completion. 

And yes, we’ve talked about this Cosmic Blast. We’ve talked about anchoring in the 5th Dimension many times on your Beloved Planet. And the more and more that these high-vibe energies come in, the more that this becomes a reality for all of you Beloved Beings and all of the kingdoms on your planet and Mother Gaia herself. 

It is such a Divine Time of Promise, of feeling the Oneness in your hearts and sharing that, not just with the Beloved Beings on this planet, and penetrating and going far, far beyond the lies of your negative programming and the lies of your Ego, but actually feeling heart to heart this connection with the Beloved Beings on your planet and all over Creation. And this is in preparation for the Cosmic Blast, because this is exactly what you will be feeling then. 

And this is what we were able to feel with our apostles and disciples when we had our meetings. And we had a lot of people at our events and our events happened very regularly and spontaneously sometimes. You know you have these flash mobs.
But when Sananda was leading the charge here and bringing in these miracles in the reality at that time, that lifetime where the prophesies were fulfilled, that dynamic was there too, because word of mouth would spread and all of a sudden, we would have quite an audience. And the ability to save very many people with their hearts open, to plant seeds at that time for this Beloved Lifetime where you are in right now. And yes, all of you had parts to play in that Beloved Lifetime.
And so it is with great joy and honor that I tell you that you have played your roles, and you have made great commitments to bringing the Love and Light to your planet, so that this Divine Decree could be set in motion of allowing everybody on your Beloved Planet to ascend at this miraculous time where one cycle has been completed. And you passed the marker for going into this new Golden Age, and yes, your place of where your Beloved Planet was situated. And now you’re becoming a new version of it in this Now Moment with these high-vibe energies coming in and liberating you from the constraints of the density of duality. And this is a miracle in and of itself. And you have all had a part to play and so many others on your Beloved Planet.

So we honor you, and we thank you very much for your service. And we love you beyond all verbal expression. Namaste, Brothers and Sisters. Good night.

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