Thursday, January 10, 2019

1-9-19 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

1-9-19 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is such a pleasure and an honor to be here. And yes, the energies are beautiful. The lights streaming from your Beloved Planet are wondrous and they lead us to believe that more and more, the energies are becoming more powerful and potent on your Beloved Planet. 

And we see that you are becoming more and more receptive to the Truth because this Light, it wants to bring in the Truth. The beauty of the Truth is something that we have been praying for each and every one on your Beloved Planet and for all of the kingdoms. Because this Truth allows you to connect the dots and rise up higher and higher in vibration. 

And once you really start to feel the continuity of these energies that are coming in at this time, you won’t be able to turn back. You won’t want to turn back into anything of lower vibration, because this will show you more and more about the Love and Light that you truly are as part of the Godhead.

And yes, you’re always connected with your “I AM Presence” and your Guidance Teams on an etheric wavelength. And that’s why we urge you ever so much to focus on breathing into the Heart Center to strengthen this connection and to allow yourselves to bring in more of the LoveLight by rising up into the higher vibrations and frequencies and into the higher dimensions.
And just breathing into it and feeling it once again move from left to right around your Beloved Circle and bathing yourself with the Bliss and the Joy of this Purity of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.  And yes, you could think of yourself as One with that energy.

And this is where you are all headed in accelerating your Ascension Processes. Because when you ascend, you are One with this energy. There is no separation whatsoever. And the Power, the Beauty, the Truth, the Magic of this energy will permeate everything in your Akashic Records, in your Soul Memories and will permeate your Soul Contracts from that moment onward.

And yes, you can’t really, we would say, wrap your mind around the splendor and the magnificence of being in these high vibrations and this realization of who you are, and who you’ve been, and have access into your Akashic Records and understand the whole process you have been through, since this consciousness emanated the Love and Light that manifested in Creation. And yes, we’re talking about billions and billions of years that it has been pulsing and expanding and going through all of its different gyrations. And that is the Truth of who you really are. 

And you’ve never been separate from the Consciousness of Creator Source, never separate from this Godhead. You can always make this connection with your “I AM Presence”. And this allows you this understanding, this connection with your guides and angels also, besides your “I AM Presence”. And this helps to bolster your awareness each and every moment of the day, if you allow it to. You are right on the cusp of you being able to realize this in your conscious, physical realities and not just in your dream states any longer. 

And yes, you have a blood moon happening on, we believe it’s the 20th of this month. And that’s not so very long away. And this is another marvelous upgrade that we see happening for all of the Beloveds on your Beloved Planet. Ah, yes.

We ask you to really breathe into the heart and to feel the Spirit of Celebration and Oneness at this time and to congratulate yourselves on all the different, umm, obstacles that you have maneuvered, and that you have been victorious over them, to bring you to this place where you are right now. All of the lifetimes that you’ve had on this Beloved Planet, testing this density of duality and learning your lessons and playing out your roles. 

And yes, you didn’t even know what those roles were until you were able to become self-aware enough to utilize your gifts and talents that you had accumulated in other lifetimes. And right now, we see that being, all of that, all that you have accrued from the experiences of these very many incarnations in this 13,000-year period returning to you and making themselves available for you to bring this Creation of returning into the 5th Dimension, into making it your reality in this Now Moment. 

And we are so happy to have had this chance to be with you tonight and we love you so very much, so far beyond any verbal expression that we can express. 

And Namaste and good night, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. 

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