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1-2-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

1-2-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are so very happy to be here again to join in this Communion heart to heart in our hearts and minds to raise the level of the vibration again on your Beloved Planet. Well, it’s no mystery to all of you, we feel, that the energy has shifted again on your Beloved Planet and that being in this new year, it’s only going to increase this dynamic of downloads coming onto your Beloved Planet that are very high vibe and that really haven’t ever been expressed or felt in this way. And believe us that this is all necessary to ramp up the energy in preparation for the changes that are being enacted on your Beloved Planet.

Well, these plans, they have been very complex and there’s a rhythm, and a timing and synchronization that has been going on to bring these plans to completion. And with every breath that you bring in more Love and Light to this Beloved Planet, we see that the resistance to this happening gets less and less. And you get closer and closer to what we call the finish line. And yes, the prize is you all ascending as per the Divine Decree that Heaven has issued in response to this long journey that you have all had.

Well, we’ve been with you on this journey for a really long time too, providing whatever support we were allowed to. And in the past few years we’ve even been given more leeway with bringing in more energy and protecting you and your Beloved Planet more and more, because Heaven wants your Ascension to go off without a hitch.

And yes, so what, it’s never been done like this before. Well, it’s never been done that you change the energy dynamics on the planet, such as this either, in the way that you have with being essentially cut off completely from any memories of who you were before you came into this life. I mean, when you first come in as a baby, you have a connection with the other side still. And it takes a few years before your brains grow and before you get indoctrinated to whatever degree that comes about with the institutions and the negative imprinting process, which is all a part of this artificial matrix set up by the artificial intelligence.

So, well, we’re at the point where we put many gaps in their transmission, we would say. And they are just hanging by a thread in their control and power dynamics that they’ve had for a really, really long time, thousands of years, if you will.

And yes, let us join together and form our circle. And me bi-locating my paw out there to you, and you with your other hand reaching for the hand of somebody else on this call to form our circle now. And breathing into the Heart Center feeling this Unconditional, Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude and sending it down the left hand and around the circle, coming back into the right hand into the Heart Center. 

And with our breathing allowing ourselves to rise up off the surface of your planet at the Power of our Thoughts, jetting up through the layers of the atmospheres, the layers of the ships, and coming upon my Beloved Ship, the Nibiru. Opening up the bottom of the ship, which turns into a landing deck as we enter and pop through it and hover in the airlock while the landing deck closes beneath us.

And now we’ve got it. We’re touching down, and we’re walking back to the elevator. And we’re getting in all at once, our circle intact and we’re pushing a button and rising on up through the many floors on my ship to the top room and opening the door and popping through and seeing all of the Beloved Beings here joined together in anticipation of doing this Meditation with us once again.

And yes, being joined by some of your ancestors, and maybe you in a previous incarnation, and feeling the warmth of maybe a touch or a tickle or hearing a song that you identify with. And bringing ourselves around this altar in the middle of the Crystal Healing Room and forming our circle once again. And breathing into the Heart Center as the circles form around us of the Mentors, and the Beloved Beings from the ships, and other Ascended Masters and angels who are joining us tonight. 

And sending it from our Heart Centers to the left hand, around the circle, back into the right and around to the other circles and into the room from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling in a spiral going up, down, around and through, just breathing into it. And allowing ourselves to feel this Peace of Knowing and Feeling we are all One joined together in this Divine Mission to spread the Love and Light on your Beloved Planet. And more firmly to feel it in your hearts at this time with the vibrations having even risen up into higher levels of resonance, and it all bodes very well for the shift happening on your Beloved Planet and for the acceleration of your Ascension Processes being fulfilled on your Beloved Planet.

And now sending your Intentional Requirements for what you would like to bring in and co-create. Bring it into your reality with doing this Meditation tonight, whether it be financial, or having to do with relationships, or increasing your health and wellbeing in this New Year. Just breathing into it and sending it into our Beloved Master Crystal on our altar here. 

And we give Intention for the completion of our plans on your Beloved Planet, so that you and all the Beloved Beings on your planet and all the kingdoms anchor in the 5th Dimension to kick start this Golden Age once again on your planet, albeit in a much different vibration than it ever has been before.


So now, focusing these energies as we send them into the Master Crystal. And now sending them to the tip of the Crystal through the opening in the ceiling of my ship and shooting it down onto your Beloved Planet in a spiral here with us right there with it, seeing this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy spiral up, and down and through your Beloved Planet from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the surface into every subatomic particle. And spiraling it up, down, and around and through.

And now shining it into the hearts of all the Beloved Beings on your planet whether they be human, or hybrid, or different star races that have come down to implement and play their part in these plans. And just breathing into the heart and feeling the Peace and the Joy of knowing that we are all together in this Mission, and that this LoveLight is becoming so dominant all over your Beloved Planet.

And that in everybody’s dream states, they are feeling more and more when they are in their heavy dreaming states that they are working on themselves, and going up into the ships, and getting themselves ready for these high-vibe energies that continue to come into your Beloved Planet from the Central Sun, into your Solar Sun and then onto the planet to raise the level of the vibration higher and higher to make it more dominant, so these beings of the darkness are losing their grip as the rulers of your Beloved Planet, as the controllers of the financial system, the military, and all of their different arms called the institution.

And now taking ourselves over into Washington, D.C. And now we’re shining the LoveLight on all of the Beloved Beings in this White House whether they be the Secret Service, or the President, or his family, all of the different people that come in contact with members of the White House on a daily basis. We’re shining this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness into their hearts. And we’re giving them the message that they are not alone and that we see what they are going through. And we’re shining the Love and Light on them for them to complete their Missions so ultimately the 5th Dimension becomes a reality on your Beloved Planet very, very soon in a much different way than it ever has before, such as in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. This time we will have the benefit of all of the different experiences that we’ve had testing the density of duality.

And now, let us picture all of the volcanos on your Beloved Planet and all of the earthquake areas. So that’s the Ring of Fire and Yellowstone and there’s even spots in Europe, in Alaska and in the Arctic area. And just breathing into it from the atmosphere, to the surface, and beneath the surface, down into the tectonic plates. We’re going to give the Intentional Requirement that we reverse the spin, and we displace time to a time when the energies flowed in these tectonic plates with less abrasiveness, with less stress and friction than they have been on this very day.


In other words, we’re sending this Golden White Light down into the tectonic plates underneath the volcanos and the earthquakes to chill everything out, to have a harmonious flow of energy underneath so that these tectonic plates will be working in harmony with one another instead of against one another, to ensure that no major catastrophes happen and to enable your Beloved Planet to bring in more and more Love and Light, as these high-vibe energies continue to cascade down and spiral all throughout your Beloved Planet and into the hearts and minds of all of the different beings on your planet and into all of the different kingdoms that inhabit your Beloved Planet.

Just breathing into and spiraling this energy from the atmosphere to the surface and down underneath the surface into the tectonic plates. And allowing yourself to feel these plates breathing now in harmony with less resistance to bringing in these energies. And feeling all the Beloved Beings all over Creation supporting this dynamic of easing out the stresses in the tectonic plates. Feeling this feeling of Grace, and Ease, and Joy, and Effortlessness in bringing to completion our Intentional Requirement here, having to ease out the stresses of the tectonic plates.

And now, going down into elevators in Mexico and into this underground system of tunnels and underground bases all throughout Mexico, into the United States, into Canada, spiraling it horizontally through all of these different passages, into the honeycomb layers of the bases where all of these secrets, and armaments and untold riches and wealth, art treasures, etc., advanced forms of technology, the secrets of ritual sacrifices have been hidden away from the mainstream of society. 

And now they’re being revealed by us doing our Meditations and shining the LoveLight on them, so that their energies become transparent and rise up into the 5th Dimension and beyond, so the dark energies no longer have any carte blanche in these underground bases. And they will not be able to bring about the outcomes that they have desired on this Beloved Planet anymore. In other words, they’re all getting outed at this time. 

And we are in the process, by shining this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the people, who have been held captive, no matter what their ages are. And some of them are just little babies to be used as food sources, as diabolical as that is, and against the tenets of your DNA and the genetic imperatives in your Akashic Records. It has been going on, and they have been thinking that they would get away with this forever. But now is their comeuppance. And now is the time when the energy dynamics are shifting on your Beloved Planet.

So just breathing into this spiral, up, down and around and through into all of these networks of the tunnels, the underground bases, from Mexico, through the United States, through Canada and spiraling it again and again, bringing in this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness, deeper and deeper, into these complexes of underground bases and tunnels that have been one of their main power sources for thousands of years.

And now speaking to all of these Beloved Beings who have been made slaves of the cabal, we say that, “Your time of liberation is here, that we love you so very dearly. We honor you for the sacrifices that you have made in completing your Soul Contracts here at this time of great shift on your Beloved Planet.  And you are so very close to your Ascensions and your liberation.” 

And to all of the Beloved Beings on this call, or that are hearing it later, or reading it in the transcription, we say, we honor you for your commitment in bringing in the Love and Light on this Beloved Planet and for the healing of yourselves and the planet. 

And Namaste and good night. 

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